Monday, November 29, 2004

For the sake of an entry...

I'm most definitley getting a harsh cold. this is not good. my nose is runny and my throat is a little bit sore. it's like you're running and running with school and then when you take a moment to catch your breath, the germs get you. shoot. so i'm drinking lots of water. i WAS drinking tea until alyssa so kindly informed me that this was not beneficial since it has caffiene (spelling?) in it. so does that mean all the diet coke that i was drinking for my cold wasn't beneficial either? ;)

it's great to be out of the classroom for a week, i must admit. i have this week up in surrey on campus for module time then next week i'm back in the classroom of morgan elementary til the 10th.

i was asked if i would be salty sam again for a few days over christmas holidays. ahhh...i hate to say no to that $20/hr but...i don't know. i told them i would do a couple days. the christmas salty. i wonder if i wear something festive in my costume. i think it would be appropriate.

so i'm off to bed to grab hold of this cold that's taking over me. seriously. bed at 10pm. hopefully i can"nip it in the bud". (where did sayings like that start?)

peace out to the homies, B-shu. ha.