Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Personality Fashion Show

[note: see new additions to sidebar -- photo album of my students & a quiz that you can take]

i'm "back in the saddle" as liz would say and was back to school today. i don't know what it is about sick days but you come back and feel like nothing was accomplished while you were gone. there are notes in your well planned day book about the teacher not being able to find such and such so they didn't do this or that. couldn't find it? how much more well placed could it have been? the problem is the kids try to explain to the teacher what SHOULD be happening and they get nervous.

tomorrow is the spur of the moment "Personality Fashion Show" for my grade 5s. we're doing a novel study on Bridge to Terabithia and in it there's this new girl who comes to school on the first day wearing weird clothes in comparison to everyone else. So we were talking about ho wmaybe the clothes were forshadowing her personality which we are going to learn about as we read more and then we talked about whether we think our clothes reflect our personality or not. Hence "Personality Fashion Show" tomorrow. We will all be wearing clothes that we think reflect our true personalities. I simply asked for creativity and they will have to give a statement as to why they chose what they chose.

Are you wondering what i'll be wearing for the show?

well...stay posted for photos coming on the weekend.
Any predictions? Please comment!

FYI: Hannah Barkey has the cutest boyfriend!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

who gets pink eye?

yes, me. so i ended up going to work on Friday because i wasn't feeling too badly and gr. 3- 7 was going to missionsfest for the day so i felt like i should be there for that. well...let's just say that gr. 3 & 4 do not need to go ever again. everything was pretty over their heads. during the looking at booths part, they were all looking for candy so when the main speaker was speaking, Timothy (who's mother would be upset to know he was having candy) and Harry (who shouldn't have candy in my opinion) were so wired. i pulled them out of the session and ran laps with them up and down the side of Canada Place to try to get rid of some of their energy. it only hyped them up more. good to know.

anyways...i think Friday wiped me out because this morning my throat felt like it was closing up it was so sore. i went to the walk- in at 9am (that's when it opens) and the guy tells me i have a sinus infection and starts prescribing me something. so i'm like, "but what about my throat?" (and imagine my voice being almost hoarse -- i sound terrible) and he says, "oh that's probably from the sinus infection." i say, "it feels like it's closing up." he says, "oh really? let me look at that again." he looks with his little light. "yeah, actually that does look pretty bad. well this perscription will take care of that too." hmm... sounded a little sketchy but hey, i'm feeling awful so i went to walmart and got the perscription. i was hoping for instant results...i feel exactly the same as i did this morning. BUT when i took a nap this morning, i woke up and my one eye was...well...if you've had pink eye, you know what my eye was like. so i drive BACK to the walk in, sit there for 35 min, the doctor prescribes me drops, drive to walmart and wait then come home. i have NEVER been able to get eye drops in. ask my mom. well....unfourtunately things have not changed. tim put them in for me and he's like, "just hold your eye open for a second!" most of the drops landed outside my eye but we decided enough got in for then. we have to try to put more in soon...I HATE PINK EYE.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

sick day

yes, i called in sick last night because i had a fever and sore throat and stuffed up nose but mostly because of the fever. i wasn't feeling so great yesterday at work but by the time i got home. so i had a terrible sleep of cold sweats and dreams of photocopying math pages then at 4am i got up with a terrible terrible headache and took some advil cold and sinus. i woke up this morning with no fever or headache and feeling actually quite a lot better...but hey, i already called in sick, right? so i went to Booster Juice and bought myself a Strawberry Sunshine smoothie with a "warrior booster" in it and then went to winners. leaving winners i was feeling a little sick again though so i came home and took some more advil -- i'd recomment Advil Cold and Sinus to all who have colds and fevers and aches and pains etc. works wonders. i watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants -- it's terrible in comparison to the book however i still cried at a variety of parts so i guess it was ok. i wouldn't recommend seeing it unless you were borowing it for free from someone. definitely not worth Rogers' 5 bucks. i hate Rogers.

anyways...that's my sick day. i'm off to WR for coffee with my mom and to upload some photos off my camera. yes...i've never downloaded my camera software onto my own computer and now i can't find it so...i take my camera to WR when i need to. :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

loving on BC

i've been inspired by Ang to love on BC because there's been a lot of trash talk about all this rain. now, of all people who should dislike rain, it is me because rainy days mean INDOOR DAYS and when i'm on supervision, indoor days suck. all the kids are in the gym running wild. i'm suprised there aren't more injuries. however, i still don't mind it because we live in a great place. check out those mountains and the green green grass on my lawn. love it.

today was a beautiful clear day though -- we played soccer and capture the flg outside for gym and we didn't need coats.

here's the view from my living room window of Mt. Baker and the view from the top of Mt. Cheam in summer (which i look up at everyday from the school yard as we are right below it).

two thumbs up for BC

Monday, January 23, 2006

"heep? heep hop? heep hop anonymous?"

where's that quote from? prizes to those who can name it. (ang?)

anyways...speaking of heep hop...today the school (yes, the whole thing) went to another local school and saw a presentation by native New Zealander students. well, they did some hip hop dances mixed in with a "don't do drugs, stay in school" theme and my kids loved the dances. and i thought to myself, "i could do that..."


so i think we're going to starting a "hip hop club" at lunch once a week with yours truly as the instructor. i went out tonight and found some christian rap ("l.a. symphony" anyone? let me know any suggestions) and now THIS will be a sight to see... Agassiz Christian won't know what hit them! i threw the idea out there in the staff room today and everyone thought it was a great idea so we'll see. stay tuned for THAT.

to keep things interesting...here's some random photos. here's a photo of alyssa... (i'm checking to see if she reads this.) and ang (i assume she reads this). remember this day? heehee.

peace out.

Friday, January 20, 2006

no comments?

How do I know if anyone is reading this? If there are no comments I'm assuming no one is reading. Aww...

(nudge nudge wink wink)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

oh what a bake sale!

so yesterday was BAKING DAY in Social Studies - we are raising money for school supplies for kids in Ethiopia (see http://www.codecan.org/english/canadian/projectlove/index.html). Our class had decided to have a bake sale so I figured we'd better do some of the baking ourselves so that I know that each student had a hand in raising the money (instead of their moms, right?). Tuesday was the day. We baked cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.

Cupcakes: forgot the paper wrappers so they were just poured into the pan. this led to funny shaped cupcakes when i tried to pry them out. then mark put the icing on too soon and it was all runny off the sides. heehee.

Cookies: they had sour cream in them to keep them soft but they looked a little funny - like still unbaked after they'd been in the oven for 10 min. apparently they were good.

Brownies: i forgot cocoa so in a moment of panic (nah...not really) i said, just put in chocolate chips -- that'll be the same. ha. we probably should have melted the chips or something but no. when you're baking with a group of kids with no help, your brain just isn't thinking fast enough! so anyways, we had light brown sugary squares with chocolate chips in them and passed them off as brownies by putting brown icing on them.

WELL...after all that, today was the sale. We sold individual goodies at recess, lunch, and after school. Lots of parents also baked things so we had a ton of food. Now before I tell you how much we made, let me remind you that we only have 59 kids in the entire school. We made $92!!! WOAH! Very exciting. The kids don't know yet because they're going to count the money themselves tomorrow.

Highlight of the day.

Monday, January 16, 2006

all my unit plans are finished

oh man.

highlights of the day:
1) I walked into the TA's room where he'd been working with my gr.5s for math and he was giving everyone a candy because they'd worked so hard. I love that.
2) basketball is a great sport to teach in PE even though I though I hated it. everyone hustles.
3) the secretary found my wallet that has been lost for at least 3 months!!! unbelievable! anyone else would have replaced everything by now but not me! i was so excited.

downer of the day:
sending Harry to office to work three times in the span of the day then keeping him after school. the upside? we're still friends. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Catching up on pics

My school! Yeah, we're under some wicked powerlines. It's still a beautiful area. We're right under Mt. Cheam (if you're looking the other direction) and it's gorgeous.

This is me before school had begun. Hence...a very clean desk. You should see it now!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

i'm addicted to comments

ok...so it turns out i love this thing. when i read a comment (of which there have been 3) i just want to write something else! oh and FYI i changed the comment-ability on here so anyone can comment.

so i've made two unit plans this morning, watched two episodes of Freaks and Geeks, eaten an apple pear, bag of popcorn, a diet coke, and three handfuls of jelly bellies, and now i'm back to write some more unit plans.

and i realized that i have to bake something for the staff social tonight. i have kind of become the staff joke for being the ultimate consumer of convenience foods. sure, i started the jokes but now they're beginning to strike a chord. so even though my first thought for the baking for the staff social is to go to save on and buy something pre-made, i feel like i have no choice but to make something myself to prove that i can bake if i wanted to. i found a reciepe (spelling?) on the side of the peanutbutter jar for cookies so that's what i'm planning to make. it requires peanut butter, sugar, and an egg. how much easier does it get? uhh...except that i don't have any sugar so i'll have to go out and buy that first. shoot.

Friday, January 13, 2006

the life of a procrastinator

this pic is by request from Carrie...i like to please the fans.

so i sat down with my principal on Tuesday and he asked my how my unit planning was going since i have to have the reaminder of my unit plans in by Jan. 13 (today, by the way). I said, "umm...i haven't started." thankgoodness for a fantastic principal. he reasoned that if i just do a rough copy for all my LA units (7 of them) and then full out detailed unit plans for the remainder of my science and socials units (3 of them) then i should be able to get them done by this coming Monday. so due to this gracious extension (which actually was already an extension from September) i have not done ANYTHING since Tuesday (oops) and now my Saturday is about to be stressed. what a lame thing to do to myself. ALL I HAVE ARE MY WEEKENDS! why do i do this to them? PLUS...this Saturday night is our belated Christmas staff social. poor Tim is not looking forward to it. it'll be FINE tim. i thought i was the anti-social one! what a great match we are.

i went to Sport Mart today after work because i got home a little early...why Sport Mart? i know, it was a random choice. (see the next paragraph for more insight into the desire to buy some sporty clothes) but one of the workers there comes over to ask if i'm finding everything alright and i say yes. so she cracks a joke about how she's probably the fifth person to have asked me and i say, no only the second. anyways...blah blah blah, we start talking about "going to the gym" etc and i launch into a similar story to the one in the next paragraph about going to this dance class at the rec centre because it's a great instructor and she says, "is her name mary?"...well apparently she's heard of it but has never gone. the end of this story is that she's coming next week and i'm supposed to look for her because she hates to go to stuff like this alone. haha. i love new bestfriends. that you find at...Sport Mart.

i have decided to do a 7-day free trial at Just Ladies Fitness and only because i take this "dance blast" class at the rec centre every Wed. and the teacher ALSO teaches it 2x a week at JLF and it is the only kind of working out that i actually enjoy so i figure i should try to fit in as many classes as possible. mary is going to think i'm stalking her. ha. i'm pretty sure that after the 7-day trial, i'll sign up. apparently it's a pay on a month-to-month basis so you can quit at any time. who would like to join with me? i hate doing stuff like this alone but i'm branching out here...maybe my new friend from Sport Mart will sign up with me. ha.

peace out...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok, a for real blog starting....now

Ahh yes...as I read all these other blogs I think to myself the same thing I thought last November -- "I want a blog." So I started one and then never let anyone know and never wrote in it again. BUT here I am begging forgiveness and starting afresh. I'm not promising anything great -- just mediocre murmerings of a first year teacher. I figure with the amount of things piling up that I should be doing, I'll have no trouble finding time to write here. (if you know me well, you'll know that was not sarcasm...it's the truth.) so save me to favourites. because it'll be one. HA.

(and the picture? it's me figuring out how to add pics to this blog. just practicing.)