Tuesday, June 25, 2013

week 17

the colours within the first half of the week's photos have a lots of orange/red and i think i should have probably gone with different paper colours...but the second half looks great!  you just can't see it behind my 3 vertical insert!

i had way too many pictures for the second half of the week so i wanted to  have an insert but that meant finding something to put in the front half!  i was trying to get some red/orange/blue tie in with the paper insert.  but definitely sparse.
doesn't the second half look better with blue?  :)
back of the insert.
i am always wanting to add captions to every photo in my PL but really, i need to remember that sometimes they can speak for themselves.  no captions on most of these beach pics.  it was a fun afternoon.  

week 16

this page layout really did not turn out great but sometimes you've just gotta leave it and move on.  the gray and turquoise didn't jazz together or something.  and then i wrote that huge journal card in red ink which doesn't work that well.  oh well.  

i got caught up on this project called Worldwide Culture Swap - i signed up to send a package to 4 others about Canada and they would send me a package about their country.  i put way too much work into it, it was so expensive overall (shipping to autralia and france?) and i was disappointed with the packages that we received.  oh well.  now i know!

and just when i thought i'd printed all the instagrams that i needed - i hadn't.  so a yellow sticky holds it's place for the next printing.  
i still have plans to journal on that half gray circle but this pic is to show that i have an extra pic behind the front one with a tab that says "pull" so that i could include a bonus photo.  i like having that option.

week 15

so i'm quite behind in posting my PL pages and i'm quite behind in CREATING my pages.  shoot.  the busy time of report cards arrived in May and i lost my PL making mojo.

the good news - i printed a bunch of instagrams to finally finish off some pages that have been finished for a long time but simply waiting for the final pics.  let's start there.

i bought a pack of jade card off of someone online and started using them this week and they are prominent in my pages for the next while.  they're such great colours and i love the font and quote cards.  i remembered how much easier it is to PL with kit cards so while my pages are simpler, they were faster.

again - haven't quite figured out how to take a good photo of my pages.  remember to click to make a bit larger.
i'd planned on journaling the TERRIBLE day that we had this week beside the pic of the kids holding hands but decided i'd rather not remember so i just used that great handwriting card.  
here's a close up of ben's clothing changes in one day - TEN different outfits!  hilarious.  i'll be glad that i documented this.
top left : can't forget to take pictures of the grumpy days, right?    i printed a couple pics off tim's phone from hockey to include.  a good reminder to incorporate his stuff as well even though i'm not there.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

blue skies and ice cream

this visit to Birchwood Dairy (for the most expensive ice cream in Abbotsford!) was a mommy response to a busy work week of babysitters.  i got home after another day of meetings and drove out to the dairy on a hot afternoon.  

an aside: my camera is on a weird setting where the pics are extra wide...i haven't taken the time to figure out how to change this yet...

it was my cone but A was determined that only she could hold it!

A was terrified of the animals and burst into tears in the cow barn!  i  guess we haven't visited the farm with her as often as i did with B!

Friday, June 07, 2013

too excited...

the last post was a fake out.  this morning was a 5:40am.  sigh.  one day, i won't be able to get her out of bed before noon, right?  i'll be blogging about how ridiculous it is.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

hellooo sleep!

two or three months ago, A started waking up earlier and earlier.  at the beginning, a 6:30am wake up was waay too early for me.  i just kept telling myself, "it's just a phase.  it'll change in a month or so."  but she kept waking up earlier and earlier.  and the weeks were dragging on and on.  the phase never seemed to be ending.  by the end of her early waking, 6:30am was a sleep in.  i was exhausted.  have you seen this commercial?  i burst into tears the first time i saw it.  it's me.

B's sleep always ebbed and flowed but this seemed like it might be the new normal.  i tried going to bed at 8:30 or 9pm to try to get more sleep but it's hard to get anything done when you're going to bed that early!  we tried letting A cry it out but this always woke B up.  we tried earlier bedtimes and later bedtimes.  we tried one nap and two naps.  we theorized about her not having enough to eat, about having allergies, about being too hot or too cold, and maybe too bright in the morning.  ugh.

and then...a few days ago, A woke up at 6:20am.  i was ecstatic!  a sleep in!  then the next day, 6:50am.  then today - 7:10am!!!  could this be it?  are we finally "flowing" back to sleeping a normal amount?  i'm afraid to even be this excited after only 3 days.  but after 3 days, that bear seems to be gone.  let's cross our fingers that it doesn't come back!