Tuesday, September 30, 2008

winners...and jackets...

so since the jacket season hit, i've been at 4 winners. the first winners, i found a steve madden black wool jacket that was so cute but large. so off to other winners i went. to no avail. steve madden in any size smaller than large was just no where. i tried on maybe...40 jackets. no exaggeration. some twice because i'd forgotten i'd already tried a particular one on. the problem with winter jackets is you just can't anticipate the layers you'll be wearing under themon some january day. do you get the size that "fits" or the size that fits with a bulky sweater underneath? either way, a large wasn't cutting it.

winners workers must DREAD jacket season. jackets lend themselves to trying on in aisles. if one tries on 40 jackets, it's tempting to not re-hang but drape the jacket over the rack. and many, many people have given in to this temptation...

i just want you to know that if you only shop in white rock winners...it is THE WORST winners i have ever been in. it's the messiest. nothing is in the right spot. things are on the wrong size hanger so when you spot the tan little small sign around the hanger and run towards your long-searched for jacket with open arms only to find an XL! it brings shouts anger at strangers. look out. so fyi...shop the abbotsford winners...it's practically a regular store with all the sizes of one particular shirt on one rack sometimes.

and today at the abby winners, i searched for my steve madden jacket but it was not found. i gave up looking because everything is so neat there, there's really no digging required. off i went to the boot section, picked up some pumas, wandered around in clearance, spent some time in the dressing rooms and as i was walking towards the check-out...i spotted a few lone jackets on a rack in the petite section. i paused. and then i dug down to the black one at the very back...i recognized the buttons! i saw the steve madden tag! IT WAS A MEDIUM! i put it on - love it.

BUT then...i recognized the classic impulsivness of my buy. so i found a big, fat sweater, put it on, and THEN tried on the jacket. yep...it works. and i ran to the cashier. i couldn't contain my excitement so i told her the story. she smiled politely. i wanted to wear it out of the store...but it was 24 C out today - it couldn't be justified.

(umm...you're maybe wishing to see a pic but i'm alone at home with no one to take my picture...hold that thought.)

give me 5 days...it'll probably get returned. haha.


This are done a little differently in a bigger school (think going from 55 kids to 400 kids). Today I got the hot lunch form. At Agassiz, we filled out our little hot dog form a day or two before hot lunch day. Sometimes I didn't even order until the morning of but I always got my hot dog. Today, this form has ALL the things to order for the next 3 months. It includes 4 different kinds of pizza, Booster Juice smoothies, Sun chips AND Lays (2 flavours), as well as Krispy Kreme donuts. Woah. Then in small print at the bottom it says, "To comply with the new nutrition standards for the food and beverage items being sold in schools from the Ministry of Health and Education guidelines we have changed our pizza and chip selection." WHAT? I just want to know what they changed it FROM! how does Krispy Kremes make it through the loops?

I have to say though...with all the nutrition in schools things that are changing these days...I'm glad I still have the option of really looking forward to pizza and booster juice on Hot Lunch!

(only 6 more days of the cleanse left...)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sigh. where has all the blogging gone?

i don't know. you'd think with no facebook in the house here at school, i'd be madly looking for something else to waste my time! but alas...i seem to have turned over a new leaf. i work. weird, i know.

i think of lots of things to blog about in a day but i have been spending very little time at the computer lately...sometimes going a whole evening without even logging in.

my life is a little consumed with a cleanse right now. i'm on day 9. of 21. dr. joshi cleanse (i don't know the real name for it). everything you eat is gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar, fruit (except bananas), red meat, tomatoes, potatoes, or caffiene. so that means i eat a lot of vegetables, brown rice, chicken and fish (but no tuna). that's not so bad, right? ugh. it's only not so bad if you're alone in your house at all times. but this weekend was quite the hurdle. i was in tacoma (more on that soon) and then had to resist judy's chili, homemade bread, and pumpkin roll. WORST. tim fell off the wagon for the chili. he's now no longer on the cleanse. i'm getting by but not without wondering to myself each day, "why am i doing this?".

one might ask, "do you feel better?". but i never felt that bad! i definitely feel healthier. I had pretty low energy the first few days but after that, i've been back to normal.

one thing i found yesterday that will decidedly keep me on the cleanse until the end was Riceworks rice chips. umm...maybe it's cheating because are they processed? i guess so, right? but there's no artificial flavouring or additives so who knows. but seriously, they're a small cheat without cheating. i'd eat these over doritos or potato chips anyday. i recommend you try the sweet chili.

Friday, September 12, 2008


so i thought maybe adding another letter to that already ridiculously long acronym was not going to be worth it...[insert mary voice] BUT IT SO WAS WORTH IT!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

wow. canada. i'm so glad that we did it right. i was nervous. often it takes us a couple seasons but wow - first big night and it was awesome. was there only 2 people who didn't make it either to the finals or to choreography? yes. there was two. this is what i WANT - to watch some dancing! it was great.

AND another episode again in 3 days? yes, in canada, sometimes we get it right.

[and as an aside to all the mary-haters...the maters, i think i'll call them...can you honestly say that it would have been SYTYCD without her? no. those other two judges were lame. thankgoodness mary was there.]

Thursday, September 11, 2008

it's official...

facebook has been banned at school. shoot. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

7 days in?

so. school has begun. i've been teaching at the new place for 7 full days.

last night i got 8 full hours of sleep but woke up tired. my throat was a little sore. i took some cold fx to no avail. i went to school and my throat got a little sore-er and my nose started to run. i'm still tired.

WHAT? only seven days and i'm sick?

you know you've encountered new germs when...

don't worry - it's not call-in-sick yet but i'll be taking my vitamin c and going to bed early tonight for sure. meet the teacher night tomorrow!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

oh koodo...i love you

so i'm back in the land of the cellphones again. i've been pretty hard to get a hold of for many moons and then i found koodo. sure, the commercials are totally strange and annoying. but their plans are not. they're fantastic! [raise hands above head] "c'est fantastique!" (yes, i've started teaching french again....) i walked out future shop with a fantastic phone, low monthly bill, paid nothing, and don't have a contract! i have a tab. i love it. i love the way that i could pick the features of my plan. there are no system access fees. every plan has unlimited evenings and weekends from 7pm on (and you can pay an extra $5 for evenings to start at 5pm) AND all plans include text. and now i'm a texting fiend. (if you're wishing i would text you, check my number on FB.) if you're looking for a new plan/carrier...i recommend.

in funnier cell phone news, i thought that i would sell my old fido (which isn't even that old) on craigslist for $30. it doesn't have a charger (which is why i fell out of cell phone land) and apparently they're now hard to find plus to re-activate was going to be at least $35 so i figured - get rid of it. but seriously, who's going to buy a phone with no charger for $30? well...someone in abbotsford in the worst looking but running truck i've ever seen. i was feeling bad for selling it to them but when she said that she had a motorola charger, i even said, "do you want to check the phone with the charger first to see if they're the same?" and she said no. so i made $30.

now i'm looking for other things that i can sell on craigslist! haha.