Wednesday, April 27, 2011


i bought my first watermelon of the season - it was a hit. go get it!

(and i cut it all up into one of these bowls...)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

bubbles not in the bath...

chasing bubbles with friends = good times.

Monday, April 18, 2011


am i the only person who looks at a restaurant's menu when i know that i'm going there for dinner that night? too much time on my hands maybe...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

22 months

you know my fondness for my emails that i get monthly and now i'm getting 2 a month - one is about my toddler and one is about my pregnancy. love it. usually these emails are spot on. just when i'm wondering if something is normal, i get my monthly email and it tells all about whatever it was that i had been worrying about.

this month's email came this morning because ben is 22 months today (crazy!) and it was way off! It said, "Your toddler can probably hop off the bottom step of a staircase by throwing one foot forward and letting the other follow. But true jumping, where both feet leave the ground at the same time and then land squarely, is a skill that requires excellent balance and may take a few more months to master."

not so! ben is a jumping machine. if there's something to stand on that's above the ground, he will stand on it and then jump off. he jumps of curbs, off the bottom step, off the couch and ottoman. it's quite scary to watch actually because you're SURE he will break a bone and something tells me that this kid will break a bone one day unlike his risk-averse mother who has protected her bones all her life.
the other day, we had the top of the ottoman on the angle (as seen in this post) and ben was climbing up the lid and jumping into the ball pit. and while these videos don't have him "sticking the landing", he does make it sometimes.

like that i have price is right on in the background? this is what ben does when i watch this in the mornings.

(it looks like he falls off the side of the ottoman at the end but let me assure you that no babies were hurt in the making of this film.)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

gratitude (every)day

saw this idea today from another of my favourite blogs: make and takes. i love this idea for encouraging optimism - another take on could be to make a gratitude book. i love that the family is sharing the book as well so that they can always read each others' thoughts. very cool.

Monday, April 11, 2011

oh maternity...

i recently read an article about the top ten pieces to have in maternity wear. one of them was a "drapey sweater".
so the other day, i went to thyme maternity since it seems to be the only maternity shopping in both abbotsford AND langley. i was buying dress pants for the Tupperware conference that i was at this past weekend. while i was there, i saw a black drapey sweater. it looked good and i didn't have any black sweaters so i took it up to the till.

the woman behind the till said, "oh, i love this style - but i guess you can tell," motioning to her own drapey sweater that she was wearing. i told her that i liked the colour. she replied, "yeah - i got it at reitmans." hmm...all of a sudden, i wondered why i was buying a drapey sweater at thyme maternity for a ridiculous $45 when they had them at reitmans. i paid for my purchase and walked next door into reitmans. i found the sweater that was practically identical to the one i'd just bought except this one was only $26. almost a TWENTY DOLLAR difference!

i bought the one at reitmans and while i couldn't bear to return the one i just purchased minutes later, i waited to return it until today.

thanks to the thyme maternity lady for accidentally knocking some sense into me. :) i hope her boss doesn't read this post.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

pack rat

i'm definitely not a pack rat. however, we have had a LOT of magazine subscriptions over the past 6 years of marriage. in fact, at one point, we were receiving 7 different magazines a month (car and driver, motortrend, men's health, women's health, shape, real simple, and explore). to spend $20 - $35/year on a year's subscription is SO cheap in comparison to buying a few mags at the grocery store each year. BUT these pile up pretty quick if you're not just tossing them after you've read them. but who tosses magazines after you've read them? no one. we had PILES of magazines everywhere after years of subscriptions (and now our list is made up of real simple, beautiful british columbia, and today's parent - but for awhile there was fit pregnancy and canadian family also). at one point, i implemented at magazine box for each magazine and said that once the box was full, we couldn't add to it until we recycled some. That was all the magazines we were allowed of each. but this seemed unfair because real simple is so fat and explore is too good to get rid of ANY.

where am i going with this? well, eventually, we got rid of all the car mags, most of the health mags, and i gave away my fit pregnancy to someone else who was pregnant. i plan on keeping all explore and today's parent but the real simple? i can't keep them all! i've totally pared down - don't worry - i don't have years of my subscription but i have the last half a year or so. (and every december issue since 2004 - i love re-reading those at christmas) i think i should just be passing these on instead of getting rid of them. do you want them? i would love to share them with you. they're too pretty to recycle. let me know and i'll save them for you!

btw, if you ever go outside or aspire to go outside more, this is the greatest magazine. it's canadian which i absolutely love and every article is SO well written. i read it cover to cover every month when we subscribed to it and we're waiting for tim's b-day so that we can be subscribed again as a bday gift! i highly recommend it for you or for giving as a gift. and no, i have not been compensated by explore magazine to say this! haha.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

other peoples' kids do this?

the child's version of Keep Calm and Carry On...

this poster makes me feel so much better. though i guess buying it would negate my stand on the subject... (lots of other great ones here)

can i have one?

oh my goodness - this would have been the greatest asset to my bedroom decor of 1996-2000. if you didn't know me at that time, i had one entire wall of my bedroom collaged with magazine pics and words. i had all the flavours of Frutopia bottles on my dresser (it was a new brand at the time). i had a large penguin (from Earls) and giant Coke bottle piggy bank. there were black bar stools (but no bar...). it was random. and this bedspread would have been the coolest.
featured on my fav: odeedoh.

too many options

does anyone else go to specific grocery stores for specific things? i always buy my meat ($10 packs) and bulk peanut butter from pricemart, my jam from superstore (pc brand), and my frozen blueberries from costco. these are the things i am picky about. i just get the rest of my groceries wherever i happen to be. but on the days where i've run out of everything? three stores with a toddler seems ridiculous.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

first bubble bath

i guess i'm not one for bubble baths myself so i've never put ben in his own. then the other day, we accidentally made a few bubbles in the water and ben thought that was great so last night when he said, "bobo, bobo", i added a bunch of soap to the water. instant good times.

Friday, April 01, 2011

toys, toys, toys

we can go for days in which ben doesn't play with ANY of his toys. he dumps them out and kicks them around maybe or he'll play with them for 2 seconds when tim or i sit down and try to get him engaged. the other day, matt and katie came to our place early in the morning so that we could drive them to the airport. katie walked up our stairs and said, "wowww. there's a LOT of toys here." we hadn't cleaned up all the scattered toys from the previous day! this can lead to many thoughts of, "why do we have this many toys if all they do is make a mess?"

yesterday morning, for the first time in a LONG time, ben played with his toys. he played in his kitchen (despite me having removed all his food for dumping and kicking purposes). he played at his toolbench for at least 10 minutes! he was in the ball pit for awhile. it was lovely to see him PLAYING on his own!

at one point, he went into his room and brought out this book that has a little container attached with magnets in it. i had these magnets on the fridge for awhile (but they're supposed to stick in the book) and then i'd put them away. he found the book, worked at getting the plastic open and then put the magnets on the fridge. it was an activity that lasted at LEAST 8 minutes!

okay, so maybe this sounds like a crazy post - that i'm all excited about ben playing for 8 or 10 minutes at a time. but if you have a 21 month old, i'm hoping you understand what i'm talking about - it's not just my kid, is it? longer playing periods are coming, right? fingers crossed.