Monday, November 26, 2012

out in the sunshine

we headed off to the park this afternoon to make the most of the sunshine.  i forgot avery's coat so i took ben's long-sleeved shirt off him, put him in his hoodie and put his shirt over avery's onesie and sweater.  at least they were both in heavy duty fleece pants.  :)  but the sunshine was gorgeous today!  we walked around mill lake and stopped to play at all 3 playgrounds.  

did i mention that avery is finally walking!?!  she's choosing to walk more and more which is so fun!  

 but she was not happy to fall on the cold, wet bark mulch...

ben spent most of his time "fixing the train" at the park.  the helmet was legit - he rode his bike around the was just helping to keep him warm while he played!  haha.

Monday, November 19, 2012

back on pointe?

i discovered this site the other day: back on pointe.  the author gives a new workout calendar every month with two types of exercise for each day (like arms, legs, cardio, etc).  then she gives a list of workouts for each.  Each day, you look at the calendar, choose a workout that corresponds and work out.  each workout is simply a list of exercises.  if you don't know what a certain exercise is, you youtube search it and find a video to show you.  a list of exercises?  i can do this while i watch tv!  it seems like a good discovery for a girl wanting to get back into the routine of working out but is very, very lazy at the end of the day to go to the gym.  so far, i've done it for two days.  i chose workouts that had the word "beginner" in them but they were pretty short so i think i will begin running through each list twice at least.  it's something, right?  :) start counting points again...?  we'll see...

today's quote

avery's been waking up too early and i put her in our bed with us.  she lays very still and seems to be trying to fall asleep (though it's rare that she does) which is so different than ben from when he was a baby.  this morning, when ben came and climbed in, he tried to wiggle in between avery and i.  once he got in, he put his arms around avery and she started to laugh.  ben replied, "i'm just hugging you.  you don't have to laugh at me."  good mornings.

Monday, November 12, 2012

sweet bunny

a few months ago, i noticed that avery would hug her blanket when she went to sleep.  i went into ben's giant tub of stuffed animals and found my personal fav - this soft, long eared bunny and gave it to her.  after a very short time, this bunny has become avery's favourite thing ever.  

when she stands up in her crib, waiting for someone to come get her, she's holds it by it's ear and doesn't leave the crib without it.  when she spots it laying on the floor around the house, she throws herself on it and lays there for a few seconds.  she's a champion crawler while holding bunny.  it's always the pillow between my shoulder and her head when she's sad or tired.  

the other day in the mall, someone asked what the bunny's name is.  my childhood inability to name stuffed animals has followed me to adulthood and we just call it Bunny.  


hey ben - don't leave your "mostly empty but still a little left" pudding cups around at baby height...

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

helloooo composting!

back in 2008, we were on the east coast and i was blown away at how GREEN those provinces were.  every garbage pail - on the street, in mcdonalds, anywhere - had a "compost" section.  i thought, "why wouldn't we have this already in the lower mainland?  i thought WE were green!"  a couple years later, i saw my aunt and uncle in toronto composting for their curbside compost pick up.  i thought, "why aren't we doing THAT?"  

i've had the best of intentions to start a compost of my was one of my new year resolutions for 2010 though nothing really became of that.  classic resolution.

THEN, i heard that South Surrey was starting curbside compost pick up.  my parents were getting the new giant bins and their garbage pick up was going down to only every other week.  jealous! 

can you tell that i love the idea of composting?  i'm sure you've figured out what's coming here... i like to foreshadow.  ha.

i arrived home a couple days ago to a little compost can on my doorstep with a sticker for my garbage pail and a magnet for my fridge.  FINALLY!  we have started!  and in a nice, non-life changing way.  put this sticker on my own garbage can and here's a tiny bucket for under the sink?  sounds great to me!  

now...will i still like composting when i have to empty this little can?