Sunday, April 29, 2007

go canucks go!

the last few minutes of the game...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

when my audience demands...

so thursday night was the hiphop cometition at abbey arts centre. oh man. adult hiphop. i was not looking forward to performing. we were supposed to be there at 6pm and i got home at 5pm. i get home and remember that i'm supposed to have white shoes for it. shoot. i call around (uhh...meaning i call my only friend in abbotsford who i dance with) and can't get any. so i zoom zoom over to payless and (insert rickards red choir here) there are white shoes! better yet, they were only $11.00. and i zoom zoom home.

now makeup and hair. if you know me, you know i STRESS about hair and makeup when they're mandatory because i just don't know how to do them. so the hair i decide not worry about and i just put on a headband and a ponytail. haha. makeup...i do my best.
at the comp...we sit around and take these photos. (and yes, we know we're wearing too much makeup...we're supposed to)

amy and i

the early keeners

our gangster poses

almost the whole group

yep...we came, we saw, we danced. sorry, no pictures of that. no cameras allowed in the audience. it actually wasn't too bad. i think i only messed up once. i have no idea what anyone else was doing but i looked good. haha. we still have a month until the "recital" to brush up our moves. ha. holla!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

they grew!

our garden...
(yes, that's a mcflurry cup in the middle -- someone bought that from home...the kids like to make jokes about how we're growing mcflurries. oh kids...)

on tuesday morning when we got to school, most of the plants had sprouted however there were a few that hadn't. one student came up to me quite upset and told me that she thought her plant was dead. i told her not to worry and that all seeds don't grow at the same speed...then i crossed my fingers...haha. it sprouted today!

Monday, April 23, 2007

the abbotsford riots

you will not believe it if you did not see it tonight on south fraser way in abbotsford. wall to wall traffic with people hanging out the windows with canucks flags screaming and honking their horns. thousands of people, every cop in abby, and probably a lot of tim hortons coffee. WOW. it was like nothing i'd ever seen in real life. my ears are still ringing. the parking lots were full and there was NO ONE in the restaurants. everyone was on the street at the corner of gladwin and south fraser way screaming. i was there too. unbelieveable. round ONE? oh man...abbotsford is CRAZY. i would've never have guessed it...

go canucks go!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

spring around our house

"our the middle of our street. our house..."
today i walked around the yard looking for signs of spring to take some photos.
our neighbour's overgrown dandelions.

some tulips (umm...of our other neighbours)

tim mowing the lawn. maybe there's not that many signs of spring in our yard, but it felt warm outside today and we were happy to be feeling a little more spring-like.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

spring planting

so right now in science, we're learning about plants. today we planted marigold seeds. in peet pellets. peet pellets seemed smart when i was buying them because they're little hard round things that you add water to and they pop up and you plant seeds in them until they've sprouted. then you move them into a real container. but shoving these marigold seeds into them didn't seem like it was going to work...that would be a major disappointment. we'll see. long does it take usually for marigolds to sprout?

it was pretty funny as we were planting our marigolds, the kids were all very adament about naming their plants. and one kid's plant couldn't have the same name as another kid's. the names range from goldie to roberto luongo. i'm sure luongo would be flattered.

another thing that we did today was put a sponge in a pie plate and put birdseed on top. apparently, it should sprout. i can't imagine how that will happen but i guess that's why it's an experiment right?

ah...teachers. we look like we know what we're doing but sometimes we're just learning along with the kids.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

if you guessed we bought a car -- you were...


on monday, tim bought a car. on tuesday he filled out the paperwork. on wednesday, we brought it HOME! we literally just walked in the door and i'm attempting to post pics. they're not working. so i'm just filling you in so you don't explode with anticipation. haha.
a mazda 3. now, being the car buff that i am, here are some of the features that i thought were great: rain SENSING windsheild wipers, 8 cup holders for 4 seats, tiny trunk lid but huge trunk, all the tools that come with the spare tire (maybe this is every car but i just never knew it), doors that won't lock with the key in the ignition, yes, the list goes on. now, this is the first new car that i have ever in my life driven. and so far, i've only driven it around the block. so i'm posting these pics and then driving over to tim's parents' house to show them. wish i was coming to WR tonight though. :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

get ready for it...

diet coke has lost it's hold

yes, it's official. this weekend, free to drink diet coke, and it just wasn't that big a deal. WHA???? yep, it's true. it may be that diet coke has lost it's grip on me.

> there was once a time that if i forgot to bring a DC with me to school for lunch, i might go out to the corner store to get one.

> there was once a time that when i had people over who also drank DC, i knew i'd better get a few 2 litres because i could drink one 2L myself.

> there was once a time that 9am wasn't too early.

and now these times have come to an end. don't get me wrong, it's still the only pop that i'll drink...maybe just not so frequently.

Friday, April 13, 2007

the playoffs may ruin our marriage...

haha. not really but...

this is the first time the canucks have been in the playoffs since tim and i got married. we've never experienced the tension they might bring...

yesterday was day 22 of the cleanse. THANK GOODNESS IT'S OVER! so today i was pretty excited to go out for dinner or something as a reward. well, i get home at 6pm and say, "let's go out for dinner!" and tim says, "the game's on." oh. not to be defeated so easily, i say, "let's go to boston pizza where the game will be on!" he says, "no. i want to watch the game at home." okaaaaayy..."let's order pizza from boston pizza!" "i don't really like having pizza twice in a weekend. and then on friday when we have leftovers? we eat pizza all weekend." defeated. so if you know me at all, you'll know that I....started to cry, of course. "it's my celebration end to the cleanse! i should be able to get what i want to eat as a treat for doing so good. i wouldn't have picked pizza if we could have gone out to a restaurant but you don't want to go out so what am i supposed to get?" tim groans, "fine, order pizza." well, like i want to order it now. so i sit around moping for a few minutes before i order it but there's no fun in it anymore. (i know, there's too much emotion in food for me) the girl on the phone was such an idiot while i'm trying to explain that i want a half hawaiian and half 4-cheese pizza because they technically don't have 4-cheese on the menu anymore and then after being on hold while she figures out what i'm talking about, she comes back on to say that the stupid pizza's going to cost $30. it's not even a large! when i try to ask her if she's charging me the extra cheese toppings for a medium when the extra cheese is only on half the medium, she can't hear me because it's so loud in the background, i finally say, "forget it. cancel my order. i'm not paying $30 for a pizza." and hang up. haha. yes, i was now feeling ultra sorry for myself. i sat around moping some more until i was too hungry and i went to wendy's drive through only to get home and have the worst chicken burger, cold fries, and a watered down diet coke.

so what have i learned from this experience? umm...i don't like hockey? no...i don't like BP? no, that's not it...uhh...shoot. [insert dad-like lesson here] i guess i need a little more time to think about it.

*note: tim did apologize during this fiasco for only thinking about himself. but girls, we all know it was too late. haha. i love you, tim.*

**note: after re-reading my post, maybe my lesson learned is not to rest so much of your happiness in food. hmm...**

Thursday, April 12, 2007

what's with

anyways...i don't know what was in the water today but the kids were just so rambuncious. now technically when they're this's two days before Christmas or Summer. but there was really nothing special going on. we had an extra 10 min of PE. please, just run around.

today's the official last day of the cleanse. tomorrow, i'm looking forward to having a diet coke.

10 points to anyone who can tell me what movie the title quote is from.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

deep fried turkey

well...this easter we had turkey dinner at our place. it was joy's 60th birthday too. the MacDs were all out and jerry deep fried this turkey. yes. deep fried. if you've never had a deep fried turkey, you don't know what you're missing. i've heard that the oil draws the fat out of the it's healthy. but really, the skin is crispy and the inside is super juicy. it's not greasy at all. it was fantastic. ( was a cheat day on my cleanse.)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

day 18, disc 4, easter sunday

so i'm almost to the end of my 22 day cleanse. i haven't had one diet coke and i've stuck to my one treat a day. my most difficult moment was yesterday when i was out for dinner at white spot and tim and his friend were having burgers and fries and i was eating a salad. that sucked. honestly i don't really feel much different though. i think i was expecting a more energetic, healthy feeling. oh well. i am definitely more aware of what i'm eating and that will stay once my 22 days are up. like when there are cookies, i won't eat four. haha. i'm looking forward to thursday though...i'm planning wendys. :)

tomorrow is my mother in law's 60th birthday. we're having easter dinner at our house with them and my family too. tim's parents wanted to deep-fry a turkey so that's what we're doing. "deep fry a turkey?" you ask. yep. it's true. you might think it makes for some really greasy turkey but actually it makes the skin crunchy and the inside very juicy.

we blew up a pic for her birthday of tim and i. i know -- it's what you've always wanted. here it is so you can also get it developed.

this easter weekend, tim and i tried out northview community church on good friday so we went there again today for sunday morning. it brought back memories of ppac when we had pews and the ushers keep bringing more people to your row and you keep squishing closer and closer to the strangers around you. haha. the worship was great. we might try it again for the next little while. finding a church --harder than it sounds.

as for LOST...the second season is going to be done too soon. and then what?

Friday, April 06, 2007

today's project according to tim

out comes the sun and i'm forced into hard labour. today's project is filling in the hole and planting shrubs along the side of the house. that tim...he's a pusher.
at least i wasn't here the day he ripped the stump out the ground by himself.
here comes the tube top. i need a tan.

no title necessary

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

LOST has overrun my life...

during spring break, i started watching LOST season 1 on dvd with liz. i was hooked after a day of doing nothing but watching episode after episode. then tim decided he should get into it too. so i re-watched all the episodes i'd just watched with liz. tim and i finally started watching episodes that i hadn't seen at the beginning of this week. oh man. we can't stop.

when school started again, i said to tim, "we should limit ourselves to only one episode a night." well one episode a night has not happened since i said that. on the cliffhangers? you just have to keep's a dangerous road that we're on.'s an expensive road that we're on...renting disc after disc...there's 7 discs to one season.

then we hung out with james charbonneau. and he owns LOST. now we're watching it for free.

there's no limits.

last night i forced myself to go to bed at 10pm because i'd been so tired getting back into full workdays. but tim stayed up. finished the season finale of season 1 and then watched the first episode of season 2. i watched them just now and i'm waiting for tim to get home so we can watch the next one.

it's out of control.

how am i expected to go to work with a series like this sitting at home all together on dvd waiting for me? we haven't watched any other tv for the last 2 weeks. old tv is dead to us. how will we ever watch anything else again?

the worrisome thing is really not, tim and rebecca are watching waaaaaay too much worrisome thing is, what if someone tells me something about LOST that i shouldn't know yet?'s seriously out of control.

Monday, April 02, 2007

at least it's not christina ricci...

so this past week, i was at my inlaws and my father in law asked me if i knew who liza minelli was. i said that i did. he just couldn't believe that i knew who she was. "how do you know her?" he asks. well...i don't know. I just do. he thought that my haircut made me look like her. hmm...

so then he says, "if you can tell me who her mother is, i'll give you $5." so i guess in the dark, "debbie reynolds?" he laughs and says no. then he says, "she had that song." and i guess in the dark again, thinking of old people, "judy garland?" "HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?" he's shocked.

so i got $5...essentially for getting my haircut. ha.

tea time

Despite being a tea-themed shower this weekend, i failed to take any photos of the spread complete with little signs labelling the teas and treats. at least we took pics of the important things! (thanks mom for grabbing the camera!)
Let's open some presents!

A family affair.

can it GET any cuter? what a cute mom too.

the WR girls moms (missed you Lenore!)

Alyssa, we're so excited for you getting married. Happy Shower.