Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh the names...

so tim and i DO have two boy names that we agree on and one will most likely be it but we've had this name agreed on since before we were even pregnant so it just feels a little like we haven't tried enough to think of other great names.

any suggestions? (since jonny started the suggestion game) i guess you won't be suggesting your secretly loved names that you want to use but maybe there's some gooders out there? we don't like anything that ends in a, starts with a sh, or is too weird...because "shulba" is weird enough. we have our child repeating and spelling out both last name AND first name.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

getting my veggies...

so on a day to day basis, i try to get lots of vegetables in. doesn't work out so well. like margaret says, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." yikes. thanks margaret. i think of this often in regards to my lack of vegetables. haha.

my new trick, which some of you may look down on, but my trick nonetheless...V8 juice. not the tomato-y kind - the kind mixed with fruit. while many fruit juices that have vegetables in them advertise "two servings of fruits and vegetables"...V8 fusion is the only one that says, "one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables" in every glass. and it still tastes great. so while i know that juice can be empty calories because it doesn't fill you up - i feel good knowing that i'm getting at least one serving of vegetables from it.

try the peach mango one. it's great. and no, i'm not getting paid for this advertisment. but if you know how i could, please let me know.

Monday, January 26, 2009


you heard it here first! there will be a little boy shulba in the family come june.

so i guess the name "june" is out. haha.

i happened to be on my prep when my doctor called me today during school so that was great because last week i missed two calls from him. he wasn't keen to tell me - calls me a cheater...but i have to say, finding out makes it a lot more real to me. it's no longer "the baby" or "it"'s a HE!

we'll save the name and birth weight as the suprises for when he's born. :) gotta be something to tell people!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

lazy saturdays

tim and i have very different philosophies on saturday activities. to tim, saturday is the day that you get things done. he cleans, spends hours in the garage "organizing", does yard work, goes to the dump, etc. etc. my kind of saturday is sleeping in, reading, watching a movie, taking a nap, eating out, maybe throwing a workout in, taking another nap, hanging out with friends, etc.

sometimes this difference of philosophy can be a problem. but the longer we are married, the better we get at making both work. or sometimes one of us gives in to the others' saturday style. today was a rebecca saturday. went out for breakfast, had a nap, watched my tom petty documentary while buying music on itunes, read the latest issue of explore magazine from cover to cover, went for a drive together, and we're heading to a movie tonight. i love saturdays like today.

things you should know about the info in this post:

> i downloaded "the weepies" album - say i am. also, the song - you don't know me by ben folds and regina spektor. you should listen.

> even if you're not a big tom petty fan, you know a lot more songs than you realize. "running down a dream" is a 30th anniversary documentary of tom petty and the heartbreakers' journey and it is SO interesting. you will be a huge fan of tom after watching it. you should borrow it from me.

> explore magazine is a canadian outdoor sport kind of magazine. often, there are no articles in explore that necessarily relate to me and anything i'm doing but the entire magazine is so so well written and interesting. we had a subscription for years and even though it was tim's subscription (thanks judy), i probably read my entire way through first because it's an inspiring magazine - makes you want to be more outdoorsy person. you should read it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

thanks for the photo, james.

twins? nope...

i just read a poll on that 68% of women would choose twins over just one baby. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? TWO babies at once sounds crazy. i'm worried about having just one...

what would you choose?

going green

we have so many reusable grocery bags but usually forget to take them with us to the grocery store. it's not that we're not reuse-savy...we just honestly forget.

yesterday as i was pulling out of the garage to go to the store, tim came running out of the house with 3 reusable bags.

i took them into the store with me, carried them around, got up to the counter, watched the girl bag my groceries in plastic bags and then when i reached over to pick up my plastic bags, realized that i had my reusable bags in my hand still. shoot.

i got home and tim was like, "why do you have plastic bags?" i told him that i'd taken them in and forgot they were in my hand.

"at least we were one step closer to using them." - tim

Saturday, January 17, 2009


one of the most popular pregnant question that people ask me in small talk is "do you have any cravings". well, let me tell you about the time when i ate kosy shack rice pudding everyday...the the time i had two pieces of texas toast with peanutbutter with a diet coke everyday at 10:30am...or the daily afternoon bounty bar. these are all pre-pregnancy cravings. i'm just a craving kind of pregnancy hasn't changed anything.

what i AM liking these days bring it on.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the inconsistancy of blogging...

here's the question...or maybe it's a pondering. i check blogger everyday even though i may not blog when you come to my blog and there's nothing new, it's not that i just didn't get to my computer that day. usually the problem is that i don't have much of anything to say. i don't want to have the boring day-to-day posts of teacher-life or pregnant-life goings on (though maybe you think that's already what i'm doing? ha) but sometimes there are periods of time when nothing very humourous or interesting happens. what then? do i blog for the sake of blogging? because if you knew there would be something here to read everyday, maybe you'd check more regularly and i wouldn't write life-changing posts about my first ultrasound only to get two comments. ha. but then maybe no one would be interested anymore and they'd take my blog off the roll.'s a quandry really. but as i ponder that - here's a random story of the everyday:

last night i went to the gym for a Dance Fit class. as most of you know, i used to go to dancey-fitness type classes all the time until they just weren't really a workout for me anymore and i wanted to spend my time doing something that got my heartrate up higher. however, pregnancy seems to be a great time for such classes and maybe some dancing will give the baby some natural rhythm. (i told tim the other day that i would be putting our child in dance classes when they were 5 no matter whether a boy or girl which became a heated and controversial discussion. haha) so anyways, this dance fit class is actually taught by a guy who seems like a cool guy - good dancer. it's a lot more dance and a lot less cardio in comparison to my old class. but all fine and well. so i was there last week and then this week, i realized that the routines were pretty much the same. at the end of the class he explained that he keeps the same routine for 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS? that's crazy...i guess it's not for the people who didn't get it and sure, i'm not great but to me the idea is to move around. not learn a routine that i can perfect. so give me 4 more weeks and i'll be busting out some moves at the next get together.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the ultrasound

my ultrasound got bumped up to this past week so thursday afternoon, the school got a sub for me and tim picked me up to go with me for our first look at what is making me so large.  haha.  

let me warn you now - i do not know the gender yet...that's coming from my doctor sometime later this month.  :)

but i thought the experience was worth a blog post nonetheless.  

i headed in not sure what to only knowledge based on television.  on friend's, rachel is wearing a hospital gown.  but on juno, juno is wearing her clothes with her shirt pulled up.  i had a juno ultrasound - just pulled up my sweater.  the technician was obviously sick of pregnant people.  i tried to make conversation at the beginning only to be ignored so i sat in silence while she clicked away on the screen.  for about 20 minutes, she clicked, i sat.  then she said she was done and she'd call in my husband.  finally tim got to come in and we got to see the baby.  it's...umm...really cute.  haha.  no, it was very cool to see that there really is a baby in there.  she was poking my stomach to make the baby move around.  it was really clear and we could see the baby putting it's hands up to it's face and wiggling around.  i have only felt the baby moving once when we were in hawaii so it was nice to see that it is still moving around in there even though i can't feel it yet.  

so the ultrasound was a success.  

as for the pregnancy update?  i'm much larger.  i've gone back to the gym this week which is good - need to gain less weight this month!  i am actually not as averse to the random stomach touching as i thought i would be.  not that bad.  i went out and bought another pair of pants and couple shirts today because i'm really lacking in the "pants that fit" category.  :)  and i have some pain under my ribs if i sit for more than 20 - 30 minutes...what?  and i'm only halfway there!  i'm in trouble.  living room yoga is going to start this week to try to stretch the pains away.  i am still in awe at the craziness of being pregnant - how weirdly my body can adjust - skin can stretch and organs can just move out of the way.  i'm not going to lie - it's a strange experience thus far.  but you'll be happy to know that the idea of having a baby is growing on me.  haha. 

missing camera cord...

so give me a couple more days to get pics up...the cord is lost and i'll have to go to WR to use my mom's...but for those of you that aren't on facebook and seen all the phenomenal photos there - i've stolen a few to post here. thanks to ang's photographer (am i breaking the rules by posting these here? i can't take them down) and alyssa.

ang looked amazing.
(and check out that giant bump on the pregnant girl)

what a venue.

pink. hot.

yes, the man on the far right is my husband...

at the polynesian cultural centre.

(oops...after posting this post, i found the cord and now the pics are uploaded on facebook...coming to becshulba.blogspot soon...)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

welcome to kauai

some random circumstances lead tim and i to hop on a plane and fly to kauai for the 3rd, 4th, and then leave the 5th. our friends that we were with in oahu were coming here to stay at a townhouse on the water for an extra week after oahu and invited us to come along. so here we are! right now i'm sitting on the lanai overlooking the big waves eating fresh pinapple and papaya. but i'm heading home tomorrow. sigh.

Friday, January 02, 2009

they're married!

what a DAY! this morning i woke up to pouring rain and lightning. oh no. but after breakfast the rain subsided and we hoped for the best while we pushed the water off the roof of the tent. as the tables were set and vases were filled, the clouds began to break and what would you know? cue the song: here comes the sun. (which fittingly was the song that Ang walked down the aisle to)

it was the most beautiful day that we've had in hawaii! and Ang and Domi got married on it!

by the time the girls were getting ready upstairs in our ocean view room, it was HOT out and we were trying to keep cool so that our make up wouldn't melt off...on january 1! it was amazing. lynn, alyssa, and karlin did some of the nicest wedding hair and makeup i've experienced - and i was one of the beneficiaries of these talents. it was like a carmindy make-over. :)

but if you want to picture it (pre-mass facebook photo posting by everyone here), imagine a big white tent with strings of white lights around the periphery, big white lanterns hanging down the middle of the tent and fuschia parasols, lit up with lights, also hanging in the inside of the tent for a pop of colour. three long white tables with green runners, bamboo placemats, square white plates, and brown cloth napkins. then imagine orchids everywhere. we had too MANY orchids. orchids are easily attainable in hawaii apparently. very beautiful.

when ang told me that her family was going to "just do the food ourselves" but then showed me pictures in magazines of what she imagined it would look like? i was skeptical. but Ang's mom and dad and their sisters rocked the kitchen today. i would rate it high, high, high in my ratings of wedding food. (and i'm not just writing that because i know ang will read this...haha.) bbq-ed chicken and prawn kabobs, roasted red potatoes, grilled vegetables, many types of salads, among other things.

you'll see the pics of Ang's gorgeous dress, the bamboo arch overlooking the ocean, and the hot pink bridesmaids...but not on this blog for the next little while. i lied. i'm not uploading pics because i didn't bring my cord. so you'll have to wait. hopefully the wait is worth it. :) it was a fantastic day and i'd better just quit this post because words can't do it justice.

happy new year!