Tuesday, November 25, 2008

come june...

there will be a baby shulba.

WHAT? yes, i'm pregnant. I figure most of my readers may already know but just in case...it's going public.

so i've been a little stressed about telling my school peeps because i'm new here and now i'm not even finishing my first year at this school. but people are of course happy (at least outwardly haha) for us but last week i told a few people one at a time and i cried every time so i decided it better just be one announcement this past friday. of course, people want to say how "they knew it!". what i've discovered, however, if a woman my age/marital status says they are tired, hungry, or sick - people ask if you're pregnant. it's been interesting having to avoid that question being that i've been tired, hungry, and taken some sick days (but for a cold - not pregnancy-sick). but now it's out and i still cry at the mention of me being pregnant. haha. i'm a little weepy. (and you thought i USED to cry a lot...)

i have to say that my main emotion is nervousness. sure, we're very excited and it's what we wanted (even though it happened much quicker than we expected) but the thought of giving birth is totally scary but almost equally as scary as just having a baby around afterwards! :) so i know my emotions will ebb and flow as the weeks go by but as of right now, june 4th sounds very close.

i've had quite a crazy time finding a doctor as my own doctor doesn't do maternity. but the short story of that is that i found myself a doctor in langley which is only 25 minutes from my house. sure, abbotsford has a new hospital and all but finding a doctor that had hours for appointments that i could make it to just wasn't possible. i'd have to leave school early for every check-up which isn't really an option. so my new doctor is just around the corner from where i work. he's also been my friend's doctor through her whole pregnancy and delivered her baby last week - she said he was so fantastic. i'm very glad to hear that. :)

so we plan to find out whether it's a boy or girl whenever it's possible so we'll be letting you know one of these weeks to come. i'm 13 weeks as of Friday so i think i can find out at 20weeks.

yep, it's crazy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

something to listen to...

so there is FINALLY a new radio station to listen to in vancouver (an online live anywhere if you want) - it's The Peak 100.5 and it's what i've been waiting for. when Z changed over to Crave, i had hopes that it was going to be different...but it's exactly the same. and the Fox is too hard for me. 101 is too old for me. so when tim came home and said, "hey - there's a new station and it's so great!" i was pretty pumped.

and so far it hasn't let me down. i've heard sarah harmer, tom petty, coldplay, jason mraz, arcade fire, death cab for cutie, plus lots of new and obscure stuff that they find and talk about, wanting you to call in and tell them what you think. almost nothing that there is on Crave which is great. some days, it's like i'm listening to a playlist from my ipod.

i called in the other day to find out the name of the band playing the song at that moment because it was fantastic. i sent them an email to let them know what a great station it is. we need to support a new station so that it doesn't go anywhere. we can't lose it! so check it out...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the opinions of children

today i work up feeling like i might be coming out the this cold. thank goodness.

when the kids came into school today, the opening scenario:

child 1: "how are you feeling today, Mrs. Shulba?"

Mrs. Shulba: "actually, i think i'm starting to get better!"

child 2: "well, you're actually looking worse."

good to know.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sick day much?

so today i am as equally sick as i was over a week ago. last week, i worked one day in the whole week. did it help me get better? no. i didn't go to work today. does it make me better? no. what the heck?

i was told i should try nasal spray. people get addicted to this stuff because it's so good, right? i would like to be addicted to it because it would mean that something is working for me. i keep trying it, squeezing the bottle harder, sniffling in deeper but it doesn't seem to work. am i doing something wrong?

i'm a little worried that this much ahem...stuff...has come out of my face in the last 9 days.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

a little hypo...

i've been sick for over a week now. i've had the worst cold of my life. so stuffed up, can't sleep at night because i wake up every hour blowing my nose, plugged ears. yuck. but you know...going about my life as though i have a cold.

with my days off work, i've been watching a lot of grey's anatomy (which takes place in a hospital for anyone living under a rock) and the other day i saw an episode where this guy kept coming into the clinic with a runny nose and they kept sending him home because - it's just a runny nose. then the 4th time he came in, someone clued in that it might not be a runny nose and they sent him for some scans. they figured out that it was spinal fluid leaking out of his nose and his brains was sinking in his head.

oh my goodness. i went straight to the walk-in clinic.

but i just have a cold. and i hope it goes away soon.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

whole wheat what?

kraft dinner. yes, it comes in whole wheat and it's just as good as regular. you know, if you like KD. i like it with lots of ketchup.

Friday, November 07, 2008

the lack of SYTYCDC enthusiasm...

i don't know if you've noticed, but i haven't been too on top of my SYTYCDC postings. i've been feeling some anger rising as they stretch the show out in order to have a commercial between every dance and finally last week, i just taped it so that later i could watch it with no commercials. (yes, liz, i know i need tivo) but i didn't even watch it later because i didn't care. *gasp*.

what is it about this season? is it the people? i don't think so - i love the little ballerina and seeing what non-costume (aka jeans and tank top) nico will be wearing. is it the fact that it's canadian? no, i think canada's stepping up to the plate - the lighting was weird the first episode with the top 20 but they've got that down pat now. is it the judges? now that they've got two different judges filling in each week and gotten rid of luther and buddy-boy - it's going much better. i especially liked michelle williams last night.

so what is it? maybe it's the back-to-back seasons. one of the great parts of SYTYCD was the anticipation for the next season. i don't know. but whatever the reason, i'm not super pumped. i hate the stretched out episodes - i want more dancing and less talking. maybe i'll feel differently when they start doing two dances each and keeping it within the hour...? or will they? sigh.

the latest addiction....

hot chocolate.

the school has these big costco size containers of hot chocolate powder in the staff room and the other day i thought i'd have a cup. then later, i had another. and still later, another. everyday, i try to limit it to just one cup but i'm cold, i want sweetness, it's so yummy. i brought my own 44% less calories hot chocolate powder to school the other day thinking that would help but it just doesn't taste as good.

i am drinking some now as i write. how am i going to break this...?

but speaking of drinking addictions...i have had diet coke in weeks. i don't have any in the house ever. once in awhile when i get wendy's, i have diet coke but it's hard to believe that it's so removed from my daily meals. crazy. remember the three a day? wow.