Thursday, April 30, 2009

summer shoes

equals smelly feet.

does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

i really, normally, do not have smelly feet but along comes barefoot in summery shoes season and all of a sudden a couple of pairs of my shoes are AWFUL! in fact, the pair i wore today should just be thrown away.

any tips?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

runny babbit

have you read that book by shel silverstein called, "runny babbit"? it is a book of poetry all about runny but in almost every line, the first letter of two words are switched. for example, runny babbit is bunny rabbit. we're studying shel silverstein poetry this month and one day all the kids had to interpret one of these poems. today one of my students suggested at lunch that i write a runny babbit poem about my baby. i said, "okay." 15 minutes into computer class, there was a poem on the board for them.

The jaby's name was Back.
He was the butest coy.
He met his mom in May
And he jought her lots of broy.

One day he tew a grooth
And it made him ly a crot.
He put on too many undershirts
And it hade him very mot.

Mrs. Hulba was not shappy.
Her saby was so bad.
Then she realized what the problem was
And now she's gleeling fad.

She picked up jittle Lack
And she gave him a hig bug.
She changed his delly smiaper
And snapped him up all wrug.

Tood gimes.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

packing? already?

lately all anyone has told me about is how early their first child came and how unprepared they were. i thought babies were usually late. i'm still betting that the timbit will be late BUT...when our school secretary told me that her baby came 5 and a half weeks early (that would be tomorrow for me), i thought to myself that maybe i should put together some lists of what to pack. i'm not going to pack my stuff but at least if there was a list for me and a list for tim, the panic won't get the best of us.

so i thought of this this morning and then this afternoon when i checked my email, i had an email from with suggestions for what to pack for hte hospital. wow. they often read my mind. SO...i made a list for me, tim, and snacks to pack (which i'll put on the fridge). i figure i can get the baby's list of stuff ready now since we're not using it yet. :)

hmm...i wonder if preparing this early will mean baby shulba will be extra late...

but just thinking about all this is fairly mind-blowing. this is for real. there's an almost full-sized baby in me right now. i'm going to be coming home from the hospital with a new person. woah.

any suggestions on things you wouldn't want to forget when you went into labour? especially since we're giving birth 30 minutes from home, we will want things after it's all said and done, right?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

still wearing the same shirt...?

i'm pregnant in both these pictures. umm...but the one has a bonus fifty pounds. yikes. :) it's the shirt that will always fit you. what a great winner's purchase.

these days... mcdonald's coffee until may 2.

stretched to the limit. you are my little bird by elizabeth mitchell.

reading...the last harry potter book.

watching...the first episode of parks and recreation with amy poheler.

hoping...for the sunshine to continue and the temperature to begin warming.

wondering...what we should name the timbit.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

michaels...gets me everytime

i heart crafting.  i love  i wish to be bestfriends with soulemama.  when i go to the library, i sit in the magazine section and pour over the scrapbooking magazines.  i went to michaels today and lost track of time walking around very slowly, picking up things i do not need then setting them down when i find the next thing that i do not need.  

yet, despite all this hearting, i cannot become a crafty person.  i tried.  i bought a scrapbook for my first year of teaching but i never finished.  i bought a scrapbook for my second year of teaching.  i also never finished that.  i took a sewing class in hopes of sewing my own flowy shirts or making simple quilts.  i never touched the sewing machine again after the class was done.  i once cut over 100 squares out of magazines, put them together into a collage laid out on a poster board and then left the posterboard sitting perched on the top of the bookshelf in the office for 6 months.  (eventually i did glue them down and the collage is hanging in my kitchen...)  

why?  WHY?  

but i'm trying again.  i was duped into buying another scrapbook.  this one was an "as is" 11x8.5 inch, green, martha stewart album.  i bought a couple pendants and necklaces.  i have plans to return and buy paper that i already drooled over today.  sigh.  i heart crafting.  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

some more product placement

here's something fantastic that i tried this week: Mott's Fruistsations Freezies.

100% juice. sometimes things made of juice are high in sugar. these? only 8 grams of sugar.

bought them at pricemart, not in the frozen section, in case you're looking for them.

i've been taking them in my lunch to work (and putting them in the freezer there) and they are a great alternative to chocolate eggs.

but i eat them both. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oh science fairs...

at school for the last week and half or so, we've been working on mini-science projects. the idea i had when i started this was that kids would get a little taste of how to set up an experiment with a hypothesis and present their findings.

our "science fair" is on friday afternoon. i invited parents and the rest of the school. so far 10 classes have responded that they are coming. umm...that's over 200 people that will be in our classroom over a 1 and a half hour period. woah. this is no agassiz.

today we worked on our science project posters/research from recess until lunch. phew. i hope we're ready by friday.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ok, the kicking is getting old...

maybe pregnant women are not supposed to say this. but on april 6, i posted about the baby kicking and me pressing back and him pressing out and it was all wonderful and great.

i'm tired of it now. this weekend, i swear, the baby grew. all of a sudden, he's stretching out against my stomach and not pulling his feet back in. i can't lay down without him rolling around for awhile and finding a new position. i'm sure it's crowded in there and hard to get comfortable but wow, the pushing of his whole body out against me? it's too strange. i guess it's not painful per se but the other night i was laying on the couch making little gasps every so often when he'd stick his foot out and then i'd push it back in and finally after what felt like forever, he'd stopped moving. tim asked me if i wanted to lean on him (my head was at the other end of the couch) and i burst into tears saying i didn't want to move because i might wake up the baby and he'd start kicking again. oh man...i may not be cut out for this. imagine if i can't get my baby to stop crying or he won't feed or something - i'm going to be a mess.

also, if you've spent any time with me, you'll know that i'm often saying, "look at my stomach right now - he's moving." and then you look, and nothing is happening. he's moving so much and you can see it from the outside but for some reason, he stops when i tell someone to look. in fact, if you were here right now as i write this, i'd be saying to you, "look! he's moving. can you see it?" i should probably stop telling people to look. i'll be known as the girl who cried wolf...or... baby.

no, i know i should most definitely not be complaining as there are many who have difficulty concieving. a friend of mine recently lost her baby three months in. i am very thankful that i've had such a good pregnancy and am constantly in awe of how God created our bodies to do such crazy crazy things.

and if you're hanging out with me and staring at my stomach, i won't be offended. i'll assume you read this post.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

we're ready for sleeping!

baby shulba finally will have a place to lay his head when he shows up. we bought a crib yesterday! we found a liquidation store on craigslist yesterday in chilliwack. you never really know what you're in for when you're heading to a liquidation place but this one was fantastic. we wanted to buy a lot more than just the crib.

so maybe it's a little girly but according to tim, "all cribs are girly". even though it's just tim here in the pics, i'd like to put it out there that i was also instrumental in putting the crib together. haha.

always a place to set things down...

Monday, April 06, 2009

odds and ends...

5 more weeks until i'm done work.

my friend just had a baby this weekend and she had the same doctor that i have. she said he was SOOO great and encouraging. phew. always nice to hear.

it's SO warm out today! how nice. tim is mowing the lawn right now.

my mother in law made me a number of containers of spaghetti sauce awhile back and it's so good. it's what i'm defrosting tonight for dinner. so easy.

i wore a dress to work today for the first time in my life.

the other day the baby was kicking so i pushed back. then he pushed. then i pushed. and it went on for quite a few minutes. it made me a little more excited to have this baby.

my latest favourite show (if you've hung out with me, you've heard me talk too much about it) is DOG the Bounty Hunter. it plays on both A&E and OLN. i never even knew there were bail bonds people out there posting bail for criminals let alone the fact that if they didn't show up for their court dates, they could be chased down and maced. and also, so interesting about the show, is the family relations of the bounty hunters. i love it. if you haven't seen it, you should watch an episode. and then when you hake your head and wonder why rebecca likes this show, watch one more episode and you'll be hooked.

i'm finally nearing the end of the harry potter series. i have not been as keen on the books as most others that i know...i've been reading them quite slowly and leaving months in between books. but i have the last 2 books out of my school's library and plan to have them read in the next 5 weeks. interesting stuff.

eww...the lawnmower is make the air smell like gasoline and the smell is floating in the back door into my kitchen. yuck. we need a new lawnmower. but it's definitely not at the top of the "things to buy soon" list.

in case you're wondering what IS at the top of that's a crib.

this weekend, i went to a kidswap and bought a load of onesies to go under baby shulba's sleepers. apparently that's what you do. i'm new at this. but i bought 9 onesies for $4 (yeah, they're pretty used but i've heard you go through lots of them) and then i found a table where the onesies were like NEW so i bought 5 more for $10. i'm good to go on the onesies i guess. :)

yep, those are the thoughts for the moment. i figured i'd just lump them altoghether since none would make for a full post by themselves. :)