Friday, December 29, 2006

preliminary photos

so the whole uploading the photos at home isn't working out so great yet. here are a few i did at my parents.

at joy and jerry's we don't get stockings...we get this red bag FULL!

chris and i having fondue!
tim picked this whole outfit out for me! (umm...i took back the pants though...)

i got tim a guitar!

more photos one of these days...(especially for you rachel r.) carolyn, janice, marylou -- i purposefully took photos to post here and show you us opening various gifts that you sent (which were fantastic!) so those too will make it soon...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

movies movies movies

for christmas, we got the following movies:

(1) almost famous - my favourite movie ever which i only had on vhs and then lost. i love patrick fugit and kate hudson and well...every other character on this movie. the mom? she's the best! if you haven't seen it, you must.

(2) tommy boy - i bought this for tim by request. i hate it.

(3) corrina, corrina - i've never previously owned this movie but really liked it when rented. it came out in 1994 and stars whoopi goldberg, ray liotta, and the girl from napolean dynamite who i swears looks like kara bisschop as a kid. so i hadn't seen it in a long time but my mom bought it for me and i watched it with tim on the 26th and it is SO great. even better than i remember. it's a must see and can even be recommended to parents. haha.

(4) talladega nights - matt bought this for tim. i have never seen it. i think tim wants to save it for the 31st. how's that sound rach? (she's the only one i've heard back from about new years) or have you just recently seen it?

(5) walk the line - i took back something to costco yesterday with my mom so i picked this movie out to replace it because it was just $9.99. can you believe that? i've only seen it once but tim loved it being a big jonny cash fan so i figured he'd be happy with my choice. he was.

now take the test - can you match up the pictures?






Wednesday, December 27, 2006

purses...pros and cons, this isn't a list of pros and cons. phew. but i got this wonderful brown leather nine west purse for christmas from my mom. so i filled it up on the 26th and began carrying it around with you're supposed to do with purses. however, for the past few months i've been a wallet only girl and the past two days being out and about with a purse? it's just so heavy. maybe i have too much stuff in it. but today i stopped at save-on to pick up a few things and carrying both and purse and the basket was so precarious. i'm definitely out of practice. as i write this, i'm also saying it in my head with an english accent because that's how i imagine people who might also have this terrible problem. i also just watched the devil wears prada. there's a girl with an accent on it.

i warned you about these upcoming random stories.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

better blogging coming soon!

merry christmas past, happy boxing day and hello to 2 weeks off! sweet.

christmas has been fantastic. we have done some major family hanging out time which has been very fun however getting in the way of consistant blogging. haha. the macdonald's started a boxing day at the movies tradition since lord of the rings first one then i think last year was lion witch and the wardrobe. this year it was the pursuit of happyness with will and his son. it's a bit of a downer the whole time though very interesting. we used the word "intense" to describe. i still liked it. maybe that's because i bought myself popcorn and diet coke to watch with it. ha.

well i recieved a CAMERA for christmas from tim hence better blogging coming soon! now i can take photos and instantly upload at home, not waiting to go to WR to upload them at my parents. won't that be remarkable? actually...we still haven't figured out our whole technology setup though. we also got an ipod nano for christmas but our computer's USB port doesn't seem to work so not uploading anything here. we're relying on the work laptop until we figure out a plan with getting a new computer. who knows. either way, photos are on their way. also, a plethora of random stories as well.

here's the first one:

tim got a guitar for christmas from me. he says he needs "an indoor hobby". inspiration from james charboneau. what do you think of that james? so we bought a "teach yourself" book that comes with a cd and he's out in the living room as i type learning his first few notes. i did always think i'd end up with a musician. haha.

Friday, December 22, 2006

last day before christmas break


what does a teacher do with her class on the day before christmas break?

sing carols
long gym class
christmas activity booklets (like word searches,crosswords, abc order etc)
colouring sheets
reading christmas stories
christmas subtraction (write subtraction questions in a christmas tree and they're happy)
over an hour of art
eat candy canes
listen to a christmas adventures in odessy
sing more carols


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ahh..the Christmas program arrives

get ready for an "i love teaching/my school!" post.

let me just state that my students are so fantastic. they performed their play earlier today in our dry run to which we invite seniors from the nearby old folks home. it was so great. this morning, our main angel (the one with a line) didn't come to school because she's sick so i called one of the singing angels over to my desk and told her that she'd have to learn the line this morning before our performance at 11am. she immediately quoted the line to me! she already knew it! how great is that? and then during the performace, the angels (who double as wisemen) have to get off stage, lose their wings and throw their wisemen costumes on in a matter of seconds before the next scene. well today getting the costumes on took a little long and then when they came running onto the stage, one wiseman had both arms through one arm hole of her jacket but she knew the show must go on. no one tripped off stage or forgot their lines. no mikes were dropped. it was awesome.

to give you an idea of what a production this is, check out this pic of our gym. there are 200 chairs (last year, there were still people who had to stand!), two sets of spotlights, mini bleachers for the kids, and the the stage. there are only 56 kids in the whole school!?! 35 families. it's pretty cool.

i told my students today that my husband, parents, brother and his girlfriend were all coming to watch them perform tonight and they were so excited. they remembered that their last name was macdonald so that they would call them mr. and mrs. macdonald. one student suggested we could call my brother "brother macdonald" and katie, "girlfriend macdonald". last year we went through this same thing and not one student wanted to talk to them on the actual night. maybe these kids are less shy. we'll see.

this afternoon we spent over an hour making a calendar as a Christmas present. Most students only got the numbers and months written in. teaching young kids, you remember that it's not just common sense to know that the day after the last day in one month is the first day of the next month. this posed some difficulty for many. i used the binding machine and bound each one so they look very professional. haha. okay, they look cute.

after school i went to the dollar store with sally so she could get glitter glue. i bought these dishes. only $3.50.

yes, it was quite a day. ha.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

bad hair day?

sometimes if i'm running late in the morning, i take my straightener with me to school and add the finishing touches (haha) before school starts. yes, seriously. so this morning i brought it along but i thought my hair was looking okay with just the blowdrying so i didn't bother straightening it.

then after i got my kids started on silent reading, i went to the 5,6,7 classroom to ask the teacher something and one of my students from last year says, "mrs. shulba! did you just roll out of bed or something?" i said, "why?" and he replied, "your hair."


i straightened my hair during my prep. that i think about it, this was the kid who told me my new haircut last year made me look like michael jackson so i probably shouldn't have been too worried. ha.

Monday, December 18, 2006

you're a teacher?

here's a big mistake to make as a teacher:

scheduled a field trip to the Municipal Office for Dec.18 over a week ago. then i forgot all about it...until this morning on my way to school. no permission slips went home. no notes about wearing clothing appropriate for the weather because we're walking. nothing. so this morning i made some phone calls to parents asking permission then passed the list over to our wonderful secretary who made the rest of the calls and by 10:45am when it was time to leave...we had all permissions.

then we walk to the offices and i forgot the camera. thankfully a parent came with us and she had a camera.

i'm not exactly making a great name for myself as being a well-organized teacher. at least i brought that clipboard with me as an attempt to look organized.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

oh the connections

matt, the guy who lives in our basement, has started playing ice hockey and sometimes he goes with his friend to the public skate to practice skating. tim has decided that he too wants to do this so he's started going along. the first time was a couple weeks ago and i went along. i met his buddy and the four of us skated around and around in circles (i'm not a big fan of skating). i haven't gone since but tim has. anyways...

so last night tim and i were going to see the holiday and we invited matt and his wife to come with us. so that was random but fun and when we were sitting in the theatre, in comes this woman that i know from TWU/church. we say hi at church and such. very nice. well it turns out that the guy she was with was her little brother aka. skating buddy. so skating buddy comes up to where we are and is saying to matt, yada yada about not inviting him to the movies and we're chatting to his sister saying, yada yada haven't seen you at church lately and it was all just so weird. what a random connection that i've met both these people separately and here they are together but we wouldn't have met the skating guy if we didn't know our tenants etc etc.

random. other news from last night - i took the tags off the jacket and am wearing it sans fur. i like it a lot.

well i've spent the morning doing nothing (umm...slash early afternoon since it's already 4pm) and now i'm thinking i should attempt to hit the mall and do a little more shopping. i've been doing a little here and there but really next week is the last week and i work all day everyday so i'd better get goin here.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a trend follower

i'm definitely not a trendy dresser. i have always been quite behind in clothing trends because i inittially dislike them. (lulu lemon, pants tucked into the boots, fur-lined hooded jackets, etc.) then as they're around for awhile, you get used to them and eventually start to like them. by then, i'm usually too late.

augh. clothes.

well lately i've been shopping for jackets. i have a fleece and a rain jacket but not a regular warm but not for snowboarding jacket. everywhere you look, the jackets are puffy and have faux fur-lined hoodies. initially i disliked this look. the more you try on jackets and the more you see, the desensitized you get. now i've bought one myself. am i too late? am i too old for this trend? what is you your opinion on these jackets? i had my "ask liz" moment when i was buying it because she always gives a clear opinion when asked. what do you think of the photos liz? (and anyone else with clear opinions)

the jacket i bought is not puffy. i didn't want a puffy jacket. it's army green with two big pockets on either side of the jacket (equaling four). the hood zips down the middle so the fur is just on either side of it. you couldn't actually wear the hood on your head unless necessary. the fur is detachable. i detached it and was trying to decide if i like it as much without. the fur is also ugly and cheap. is that like all of these jackets? here are the photos to make an educated opinion. the question to answer? do i take it back? it was $49.99.

the jacket in it's original state.

the no fur version in poorer light.

FYI: the candle holders were returned. i decided i wanted the $10 towards this jacket...

Monday, December 11, 2006

tv-ed out

yes, you read it right. tv-ed out. i've watched a lot of tv over the past couple weeks. it's cold outside. i want to be warm inside. but all i'm doing is watching tv. augh. the upside is that tim and i often play games while we watch so that my mind isn't getting mushy but still...i think i'm almost tv-ed out. i discovered mtv canada on channel 94. it always has a totally brainless show on at anytime so that you can tune in and then when the show you're waiting for comes on, you can easily tune out. my favourite mtv show is rob and big. a pro skater and his body guard. other than that show though, they're all pretty pathetic.

haha. right now i'm reading london is the best city in america. i went to the library this past weekend and got some books so that i have another option but haven't found anything as interesting as my fav chick-lit. it takes more thought to read than you know...the shopaholic series let's say, however, probably good to counteract my tv watching with a book like that.

in sadder news, i have another ingrown toenail. ahh...the anguish. i've been getting regular pedicures ever since my last ingrown toenail for fear of cutting my own toenails. was it a crazy fear? apparently not. i cut my toenails myself a couple weeks ago for probably the first time in 6 months and now one is ingrown. all my life i've been cutting my own toenails never an ingrown nail in sight. what's gone wrong? this morning i woke tim up to tell him the bad news and mumbled something about me probably needing to have surgery on it which threw me into a panic. i'm hoping it won't come to that. ha. (maybe i shouldn't laugh...)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

please vote.

are these ugly? they're red and white glass. they hold candles. imagine candlelight shining through them. tim cannot believe i bought them. maybe i was swayed by the price. let me know what you think. i won't be offended. would you buy them? what do you think shannon? joy? lavonne? mom? :) heehee.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

camera phone

our technology is increasing. tim has recently gotten a work cell has a camera. i'm very very excited. having been without a camera for so long however, i did go a little camera crazy last night with kara and james.

(that's james' thumb)

heehee. you can look forward to more blurry photos to come.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

the intensity of life as a 7 year old

in hopes of hanging onto the last bit of snow, kids worked very hard on this snow fort yesterday. there were tears from some of my students because it was falling apart.

today in the math centre, playing a game where you roll two dice (one colour is tens and the other is ones) and you add the numbers up together. this means carrying. with many difficult games of this under their belts, today the adding was mastered. it was much more fun.

in a typing centre, one student who has been on lesson 1, part 1 since september finally got 15 WPM and was extremely excited to move onto lesson 1, part 2. (that student not shown here however i am worried to see that this student only has one hand on the typing pad. not a good sign.)

today both of these girls mastered their current reading level and moved up, getting to add new books to their boxes (as seen below the chair). they were happy to be reading new books.

ahh yes. school as a seven or eight year old. the arguments over who plays with who at recess. the injustice when you have to get moved away from your friend because you're talking too much. the disappointment when you don't win adding bingo. the candy when you win find the magic piece of garbage. the cruel words to ridicule someone who is not understanding something. the tears when you are chastised by the teacher for ridiculuing. the fun hour of art on fridays.

it amazes me how up and down a day goes. and i still get hugs at the end of the day from students whom i thought would be upset with me for getting them in trouble. you got to love teaching seven and eight year olds.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

behind in the technology

you know...watching all these commercials that are on for "christmas gifts" (in quotations because i can't believe how much everything cost yet they're being suggested as STOCKING stuffers...) but i'm feeling very behind in technology. some examples?

> i have a USB memory stick but my computer is too old for it to work
> my cell phone has a black and white screen with no features and doesn't even change it's own clock with daylight savings.
> i don't have an ipod
> if i had an ipod, i wouldn't be able to use my computer to download/upload music to it
> we have an answering machine
> my car doesn't have a cd player or satellite radio
> i upload my digital photos at my parents house
> my DAD sent me a youtube clip and i can't watch it because i don't have sound on my computer

and i've recently been given the task to research and buy a laptop and projector for the school because i "know the most about technology".

needless to say, i asked my mom.

in other news, i wrote a christmas play for my class. yes, i wrote it. i was a little skeptical of my play-writing abilities however i heard an inspiring childrens story this sunday at PPAC and thought...if that person's story can get read in a church...i can totally write something. ha. i read it to my class this morning without telling them that they were going to be performing it and i even got some laughs out of them. they were pretty pumped when they found out that they get to be in a play. i, on the other hand, have 2 weeks minus weekends to get them ready to perform it. good luck me.