Sunday, March 30, 2008


the other day i was getting my haircut and my hairdresser and i had run out of things to chat about so she was cutting in silence. during this moment of silence, we listened to the conversation going on next to us.

one hairdresser was putting rollers in a woman's hair for a perm and was running out of perm papers. she asked another hairdresser if she could get up on the ladder and see if there were some more perm papers up on the shelf so she did. she found them and as she handed them to the perming hairdresser, she said, "man, 10 years ago i spent all this money on training on how to do perms and now perms are so out. what a waste of money."

hmm...i wonder how the woman having her hair permed was feeling...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

still surviving despite the three that took their lives when they jumped out of the tank during the night. we're keeping the lid on now.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

and then there were 70

i got a call from a parent this weekend saying that there were no longer 11 salmon in the tank but instead 30 - 40 salmon!!! where did they come from? i guess the guru was right - they were under the plastic screen/grate thing at the bottom of the tank. so i went into the school today to clean and rescued the remaining few still under the screen. it was really hard to pull up because all the gravel was sitting on it but i got it out. there was definitely some evidence of a couple dead fish but for the most part, there may be at least 70 of them in there. unbelieveable. let's hope we can get them to april and we will be releasing them asap.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

just the beginnings...

we're finally shelling out some money to try to make our house's random rooms look a little better.
our kitchen is so weird with it's open space. we have plans to put this loveseat and a chair in here...but what do you think of this rug? it can still go back. tim thinks it's too big. man, rugs are expensive.

this looks 110 times better in real life...not so shiny. BUT i finally bought a duvet cover for our spare room. (and yes, its not ON the duvet yet because i need to wash it) this means, if you want to come and stay with us - you don't have to bring a sleeping bag! yay! but aren't those blue pillows the perfect colour to go with the walls? i love winners. i bought that little side table peeking out over there from value village and have big plans to paint it before spring break is over so stay tuned for an updated version of this room coming soon. :)

and come sleep over!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

it's a sad day of spring break when...

the neighbour begins hammering and sawing at 7:55am.

Monday, March 17, 2008

tim hortons

so since beginning to count points and discovering that my usual french vanillas were 5 points, i've pretty much stopped going to tim hortons altogether. in the mornings if my carpool buddy and i stop for coffee, we go to starbucks where i can get a latte. however, those add up.

well on friday, we stopped to get gas in chilliwack and the gas station is on the same side of the road as tim hortons...not starbucks. what to do... so i had my very first real coffee from tim hortons ever. a double milk, double sugar. and? it wasn't too bad.

i guess this is good for the bank, bad for a caffeine addiction...

Friday, March 14, 2008


salmon update.

i've been worried. everyday i look in the tank and see my 10 or 11 salmon fry swimming around. are they eating the food i'm giving them? are they on the verge of death? where are the rest of them? i can't see any fish swimming in amongst the rocks. have they been crushed? why are the ammonia levels so high? my guru has been of no help whatsoever. very vague. maybe that's how gurus are.

so today i removed the rocks. i decided i didn't care if only 11 out 79 were out swimming...i was going to find out what was going on and stop this apathetic on-looking.

one by one i removed the rocks. i was careful not to let any slide and maybe crush the tiny salmon that were hiding. i'd take out a rock and not see anything. i'd lift out the next rock...and not see anything. there was slowly becoming less and less rocks and fewer and fewer places for a small fish to hide.

and then there were no more rocks.

and only 11 fish.



nothing. no dead fish. no egg remnants. i dug around in the gravel. i cleaned the tank. 11 fish swam around my hands as i searched.

WHERE DID THEY GO? if i hadn't seen the 80 eggs with my own eyes, i would be calling me a liar for saying they had been there. but there were! i saw them!

i was in a state of shock. just writing about this, i am in a state of shock. did they die and disintegrate? were they all runts and the 11 ate them? all the theories that i can muster are ridiculous.

my guru kept writing me unhelpful comments and closing the emails with "let me know if there are any emergencies." umm...i think i'll be sending him an email tomorrow:

Re: Emergency

Friday, March 07, 2008

we love you galen...

so if you watch tv or listen to radio - you know who galen weston is. or at least you've seen/heard him...though supserstore never does clarify WHO galen is.
but from the first galen weston ad i saw, i was sold on the product (i can't even remember what it was now..maybe the cloth bags). he's the man. whatever he endorses, i seem to want to buy. does anyone else feel this way?

well the moment i saw galen's endorsement of apple crisp (the apples come from the orchard of two brothers who then make the crisp with their grandmother's they say), i knew i had to try it. i could get my money back if i didn't like it! so thursday night, liz and i were stopping at superstore for milk and i said, "we need to get the apple crisp." and she too had seen the ads and had been sold. so we got the low fat version hoping our love would still be guaranteed. but there was no need...

it was fantastic. sure, you could make it yourself for way less than $5.99 but if you've been to my house lately for crisp (i've tried it twice in the three weeks), you'd be willing to pay the $5.99. for real. so it was a great little dessert - i was glad galen didn't let me down.

what will he come out with next?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

they're alive?

so two tiny salmon are swimming around in the tank this morning. they've emerged from the redd. i managed to clean out the tank without sucking them up this let's hope there are 77 more that plan to show themselves SOON! stay tuned...