Monday, June 30, 2008


i had a favourite book in grade 9 - the main character's name was Miguel. I pronounced it mig-u-elle in my head. in grade 11 french, my teacher was taking role call and called, "Miguel" (mig-elle)...and it dawned on me that that was the name i'd been reading...

growing up, we always had Laurentian pencil crayons for school. in my head, i pronounced it lauren-teen. when i got to TWU and heard they had a Laurentian Center...i was shocked that i could mispronounce a word for so many years and not find out until 10 - 15 years later.

this weekend, i was eating m&ms and spilled a bunch in the back the 4runner. i tried to pick them all up but they were hard to find. matt commented, "they melt in your mouth, not in your hand". later that (hot hot) day when i came across a lone m&m unmelted in the back of the truck, i realized that the m&m slogan actually means that they don't melt. i always thought they meant that they're so good, you eat them fast so they don't have time to melt in your hand. apparently...they don't melt in your hand even if you eat them slow. wow.

have you had random revelations such as these?

Thursday, June 26, 2008


yes, a post is due. a post about So You Think You Can Dance is even more due. (is that possible?)

SO...initial favourites? obviously we all love twitch, right? seems like such a nice guy. great dancer. kherington...okay. but their hiphop routine was FANtastic last night - so in sync (not to be confused with n'sync). but by the time we got to the end of the show, (which was excruciatingly long...2 hours? c'mon.) they might have been forgotten. but i know they'll reel in the votes nonetheless as the favs.

i dislike the tall-sies. you know, kourtni and matt. they hadn't done anything great since the show started (okay, last week wasn't bad but i was still riding on the hate-train). so i'm bashing them before they're even on stage (ninja mask?) and then they bust out that fantastic contemporary routine. wow. i have to admit that it was so good. and not your typical contemporary, which i liked. holla for the mohawk girl. so i think they'll still be in it tonight. unless america is just blindly hating like i was. shoot.

and speaking of tall...kat. 5'9 isn't that tall. why are we all blah blah blah kat's so tall? maybe dancers are just short. sure...she's wearing crazy heels but so could you, nigel.

then adam - the judge. yes, he drew out the critiques but the judges were definitely told to take as much time as possible to try to make the show the whole 2 hours so don't critisize him for that. he is just the best judge ever. somehow he's able to start his critique with something positive yet honest and then give actual advice...that's usable. unlike being on the hot tamale train. "umm...thanks? but what can i do better next time?" (yeah, yeah, i much as we all claim to hate mary murphy, i can see you getting happy for the couples that make it on the train...)

and then the suprise ending with joshua dancing the samba? that was unreal. the hips on that guy were too funny. "i thought he hood!" and what a difference bangs made on the girl! (shoot...what's her name?) wow. great dance.

if you came over and watched SYTYCD with'd be annoyed. i try to make as many comments as possible before the dance is over so that when a judge says something that i'd just said, i can say, "i knew it". very annoying. and most of the time, i don't know it. :) but i'm going to tell you about it here anyways.

in the bottom three tonight? courtney and gev, chris and comfort, and thayne and chelsea. yes, i like courtney and gev too but everyone was so good last night. i guess for the third couple, we'll just really see who's not liked...then chris will go. as for the definitely won't be comfort. (fingers crossed). those are the predictions. tune in later tonight for the the show. probably a better option.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

don't deprive...

as you know...summer is *ahem* "here". and we want starbucks fraps. you may be avoiding them for fear of the horrendous calorie intake but hear this: the tall, light, coffee frap is only 90 calories. indulge.

thank you to my sponsers: rachel and alyssa.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

mix tape much?

on saturday mornings (and sometimes tuesday or thursday afternoons) i go to a strength class at my gym. it's an hour of weights, squats, abs, etc to music. so for the length of a song, we do a million reps of something. but the music is just a crazy crazy mix. the funny thing is that they keep the same routine for 6 weeks and that means you listen to the same songs for 6 weeks. today was the beginning of a new routine so i'd never heard the music mix. oh man. songs i remember from it?

pump it up medley (the hockey song)

rockin robin

pretty woman

dr. jones (by aqua)

who's bed have your boots been under

mmmbop (by hanson)

and there were many many more songs...i just can't think of them. but can you believe that mix? you know when you make a mix cd, you try to make a flow? (or maybe that's just me?) well this is the opposite of flow. and now i get to listen to it for 6 more weeks. i have to admit though...i AM able to sing along to almost all the songs...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bed and breakfast?

so it's official - tim and i bought tickets to fly to Halifax this summer. it's really our first big vacation where we're just hanging out sightseeing and not meeting up with people. very different. but with the expense of tickets/renting a car/gas...we're trying to stay places that are cheap. this means 2 star bed and breakfasts. you can find some that are lower than even backpacker's hostels and stuff. but it's been a pretty funny search. some b&bs are really just an extra room down the hall from where the owners sleep...which i'm not a huge fan of. some pretty crazy decor. the best are the things that they advertise that their suites have. my favourite luxury that's i've seen recently? "complimentary use of our acoustic guitar"

Friday, June 06, 2008

oh collage...

i still love collaging. in highschool, i collaged my notebooks and binders. one of my bedroom walls was completely collaged with magazine cutouts. thankfully i don't teach art anymore because my students had really collaged one too many times.

but i still find ways to collage in my classroom. today i made this bulletin board out of our scrap paper box and the kids researched pollution and wrote facts on shapes to add to the board. (all from scraps) it was a great science class.

left, we have the forest with facts about fires written on fire and facts about car pollution written on the cars. the boys LOVED making cars.

below, this is supposed to be a magnified view inside this building where the
black TV has a fact about radiation...? hmm...

my favourite is the island across the ocean with a volcano on it. man, i love collage in any form.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ode to dinner...end

don't worry - i've still been eating. i've just fallen a little behind here with the pics. and...i've had fries a few more times. haha. but the ode is definitely done.

bbq chicken and baked potato with cheese

i had fun with the ode to begin with when i had recipes and such to share...but really? i don't make enough decent meals to hold down a whole blog about it. and now we know.