Tuesday, March 31, 2009

he likes his space

lately when i'm on the computer, i sit on the couch with a pillow behind my back, my feet propped up on the coffee table, and the laptop resting on my stomach. tonight, baby shulba is fighting back. he doesn't like being crowded i guess. he's been kicking up a storm for most of facebook checking and blog roll reading but when i take the computer off my stomach, he's fine. okay, okay, i get it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

first day back to school...

i walked into my class a little after the bell so my kids were already in. first comment, "wow! mrs. shulba! you got bigger!" haha.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

baby room...a new series

well our office has been cleared out (except for the desk we're attempting to sell) and the walls have been painted.

the plan had always been to paint the room blue but the bedding that i bought from target.com has a lot of blue. and our other upstairs bedroom is blue. we held up the bedding in the blue room and it looked okay. (and i do have another pic that i can't figure out how to rotate) but then we held it up to the yellow wall in the office and hey, what do you know? it doesn't look so bad.we thought we'd do a bit different shade of yellow and we bought Behr Mustard Seed.

friday was painting day. (yes, i checked with my doctor first) and while it was very clear that we were painting a different shade of yellow...it doesn't really how up in the pictures. :) and we thought we were going for a paler yellow but somehow ended up with quite a bright yellow. later after painting, tim went into the room to check it out and came out saying, "well, it's not a relaxing colour..." but it's growing on us. hopefully baby shulba will be okay with it. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

baby carrots...friend or foe?

if you live in or around white rock, you must have heard of the Bread Box. and for those of you who haven't...it's a tiny fruits and vegetable store where they pack a ton of no spray produce into small quarters and charge so little for it, you wonder how they're making any money. the place ALWAYS has a huge line up and when you get to the front of the line, the lady behind the counter will be wearing a decorative straw hat with some kind of fake flowers or feathers on it. mary. famous in White Rock for never missing a day behind the till at the Bread Box.

so where are we going with this?

today i went to the Bread Box with my mom at about 12:45pm. didn't matter the time, there were still about 10 people in line. so we stood in line for about 20minutes to buy our cheap veggies. but when we got up to mary...is where the story begins:

my mom's first. i'm standing behind her holding 3 bags of baby carrots and a bag of red peppers. mary keeps looking at me so my mom says, "this is my daughter."

mary "we've met before."

bec "yeah, i've been in a few times with her."

mary "what's with the carrots?"

bec "i eat lots of them?"

mary looks back and forth between me and my mom.

mary "i should say it. should i just say it?"

judy "you can say whatever you want."

mary looks back at me. "don't eat those carrots."

bec "what? why?"

mary "they're fake. when my daughter was pregnant, i wouldn't let her eat them."

judy "what do you mean?" judy and bec give each other skeptical looks and are laughing good naturedly.

mary "they're made of powder. look, i'll prove it to you."

(keep in mind the line up behind them) mary cuts open one of the carrot bags and holds it out to bec.

mary "what do you smell?"

bec "uhh...plastic?"

mary "they don't have a smell. because they're fake."

bec "ok, well thanks for letting me know...."

mary "well now i've told you, you can decide what you want to do."

bec "great."

i bought the three bags of baby carrots. i don't think they're made of powder. though i have heard many rumours about baby carrots. what have YOU heard? but really...don't you think they're just small carrots?

(mary also predicted that i'd be having a boy and she told me that a gemini boy..."oh all the girls will be after your gemini boy!")

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

answer without googling...

tonight this was a topic of argument over dinner with kara and james. kara and tim agreed on one thing and james and i on the other. a phone call to judy was put in. but i think we all may be wrong on this one.

what do you call this?

then what do you call this?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring is ...here (?)

(stolen photo from google images)

ok...i don't want to jinx it buuutttt...

i had the most surreal spring walk yesterday.  it was sunny and i only had to wear my lulus and my hoodie.  i walked by a mom with her newborn in a sling.  i walked past a dad riding bikes with his two little kids.  the crocuses were everywhere.  people, washing their cars,  smiled at me as i walked by.  a lady worked in her garden.  a grandpa and his grandson were cleaning out their garage.  the grandpa said hi and, pointing at his grandson, said "this is what you get to look forward to!"  there were tiny pink buds on the cherry blossom trees.  the sun kept shining.  if there had only been a really great song playing, i would have sworn i was in a movie.  

i think it's here.  now if only i wasn't so sore after only walking for 22 minutes.  :) 

Friday, March 20, 2009

shopping leads to buying things...

yesterday i headed out to vancouver to spend the day with alyssa. we did a little shopping. mostly maternity clothes and baby related things. what a good friend. :) remember when i was thinking about diaper bags? one was finally bought. and it technically isn't a diaper bag - it's a messenger bag. but really, alyssa decided that it's a diaper bag that they've called something else so that people will buy it for other things.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


ahh. that's a sigh of relief. i was SO ready for this spring break.

and you know how christmas break goes by SO fast that everyday you're thinking, "where is the time going?"?

spring break has a different vibe. at least it does at my house. i feel like i've been breaking forever and it's technically only been a couple days.

stay tuned for rebecca's spring break activities. :)

tupperware update...

thanks for all the honest commenting. i AM keen on tupperware but i think i'll stick to just hosting parties for awhile...and if you weren't invited on FB to my party (heehee) - you ARE invited. I might have just figured you weren't interested...or maybe you live too far away. april 8th - 7:30pm. just let me know if you wish you'd been invited. haha.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

need tupperware?

last night i attended my first tupperware party.  

and let's face it...i'm an easy sell.  i should run the opposite way from parties that want to sell me something.  

*insert motivation to buy tupperware story here*  the other day we had people over and i thought i would spontaneously "whip up some cookies" for dessert.  i began by pulling the beat up packages of baking stuffs out of my messy pantry.  the brown sugar was rock hard.  but i thought, ahh...i'll just use white sugar.  how different could it be?  and on the recipe went.  i got to the chocolate chips which i knew i had in the pantry.  i went in only to find the chocolate chip bag empty.  umm...dried cranberries anyone?  they were very pale, cranberry cookies... yeah...this is my typical baking experience. 

but back to the party.  it was great.  and i now love tupperware.  i wanted it all.  who are we kidding...i NEEDED it all!  but i limited myself to beginning my pantry collection with two rectangle containers for things such as flour and ahem...brown sugar.  and then, since it was half price, i bought a 7-piece heat and serve collection.  they can go straight from freezer to microwave if necessary.  they're so great.  

and the party vibe?  sure, it was mostly people i didn't know but it was great.  and that is pretty crazy coming from me.  the tupperware lady was young and great and baked a cake in tupperware in the microwave.  how can you doubt that good times were had by all?  i think we should be having more of these parties.  

AND our tupperware lady made me want to be a tupperware salesperson.  in fact, i couldn't fall asleep for a couple hours because i was so hopped up on the idea.  and then i dreamed about it al night.  you'd have tupperware party if i was your tupperware lady, wouldn't you?  flashback moment...  :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



i've been inspired. i've started a button jar. if you have buttons to donate, feel free. :) haha.

Monday, March 09, 2009

stolen pleasantries

drinking a cup of coffee from tim hortons is no longer a pleasant treat. no. i drink my coffee a little bit quicker, only to pull the lid off and roll up the rim. and when i don't win? i'm ticked off because i keep buying these coffees and have won nothing yet! okay, sure. i sound a little on edge. it's just a game, rebecca.

but this morning i made my own coffee.

as for my report cards? true to form, i finished them last minute. but they are now DONE and handed in. i think that may deserve dinner out tonight...i wonder if tim reads my blog.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

rebecca and report cards

on tuesday, i thought to myself, "if i do 5 report cards a day, i'll be done by friday and won't have to work on them on the weekend." but i didn't do any on tuesday.

on wednesday, i thought to myself, "if i do 7 report cards a day, i'll be done by friday and won't have to work on them on the weekend." but i didn't do any on wednesday.

today, i thought to myself, "if i do 10 report cards a day, i'll be done by friday and won't have to work on them on the weekend." and i got 10 done!

we'll see about tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

sun peaks

tim said i can't guilt people into commenting...but thanks sharelle, rach, and sarah. :) haha

so this past weekend, i spent a pregnant weekend at sun peaks in kamloops, bc. we rented a two bedroom condo off craigslist (yikes!) and took matt and katie along with it. it was the weekend of tim's life, according to him. he had a fantastic day of skiing with matt and katie and THEN the outdoor skating rink had drop in hockey. tim and matt had brought their gear and after a day of skiing (tim's first all season) they spent two hours on the ice playing hockey...while it snowed lightly. very picturesque.

what did i do? i read and napped. at one point i put on my outdoor clothes to attempt to walk to the village and then gave up before getting out the door. we went to the village the next day. haha.

but we had a very nice time and i tried to snap a couple pics to record the event...

me at the door saying, "smile!"...it's a little dark.

the only jacket that zips up on me - tim's fleece.

Monday, March 02, 2009

realistic expectations of self...

ready for an introspective view of rebecca? oh - it's deep. you may not want to know this much about me. :)

something i tend to have a problem with is having a realistic perspective on what i can accomplish. every year in university, i'd think, "okay - new beginning. this term i'll read every single thing required and stay on top of all assignments." it never happened. one year when preparing for the new school year, i had this great idea that the kids would write in these journals everyday during silent reading with comments and thoughts on what they were reading and then i'd read and respond to them everyday. after day one, i decided, "maybe i'll respond every week." and then after a few weeks, i decided "these journals are ridiculous." a big joke in my family is that one year for my parent's anniversary, i told them that i'd clean their house every two weeks for a year. i went out and bought a bucket, some sponges, etc. and then never cleaned the house once.

so the problem with this affliction, is that i'll hear about something and my first thought is usually, "oh yeah - i could do that." sometimes this is okay. when i was at agassiz and our french teacher left, i had a summer to mentally prepare for teaching french and now i've been teaching it for 2 years. it's way out of my comfort zone and if i could give it up, i would, BUT i AM able to do it. however, putting yourself out of your comfort zone ALL the time can bring a lot of stress, right?

i took a personality and work styles test awhile ago. (my dad was my facilitator - thanks dad) because he does this type of testing for businesses and such, it explains what your natural personality is in your comfort zone and then it also shows what your work personality has to be to get your job done. so if these two personalities are way far apart, that means you'd be under a lot of stress at work because it's so far away from what your natural abilities and skills are. SO my two personalities (i know i'm not explaining this right dad so feel free to comment...i don't think it's called personalities because it's making me sound a little strange) okay, my two work style personalities? they're not crazy different but in his explanation of my "results", it shows that to be a teacher, i have to be more extroverted than i naturally want to be. i'm a closet-introvert (which i knew - maybe you didn't) which would explain why i feel so drained after spending a lot of time with people. in highschool, i'd go to parties only to make an appearance for awhile. thankfully i had a couple friends who were similar and we'd leave together and hang out on our own after. haha. early in our relationship, tim and i went to this wedding for a friend of tim's but tim wasn't even that great of a friend with this guy so he didn't really know anyone who was going to be at this wedding. i was so stressed about about having to sit with people i didn't know and what if it wasn't assigned seating and no one wanted to sit with us etc., that i was in tears before the reception. we got there, met the people at our table, and when we left, people were hugging me good bye. tim was so weirded out by the two different rebeccas - but hey, this is me!

now, who doesn't want to make some money? i hear about home business type things and i say to myself? see paragraph 3..."sure, i could totally do that." after staying at bed and breakfasts this summer on the east coast, i thought to myself, "i could totally have a bed and breakfast!" and i spent hours figuring out how i could turn our suite into a b&b. but come on...i eat toast for breakfast. i own enough underwear to get me through 3 weeks without having to do laundry. i couldn't have a b&b.

my aunt has a home business called 5th Avenue Collection - she shows and sells jewellery. similar to tupperware, you can host a party, invite a few friends, and she'll come and show you lots of jewellery and you can buy some if you like it. there's a free gift for being the hostess and it's very nice jewellery. now you don't HAVE to have parties - you can just show individuals or people can buy it online, etc. when my aunt laurie showed me her collection, it was great stuff...and what did i think? "i could totally sell this." and i signed up. so for two months, this jewellery loomed over me and i kept giving myself pep-talks that i could do this...but it was too out there for me. the out there part is really the parties so i technically still have my website if you're interested. www.fifthavenuecollection.com/rshulba you could buy from me online if you find anything you like...in fact - please do! (email or message me if you're interested in some more details) but if you're wishing you could have a party...i'm sorry. you can't. :) too far out of my work personality.

when i recently posted about V8 juice and "how could i make money on posts like these?", my cousin gave me some tips on making money with blogs. and i what did i think? "i could totally do this!" but this time, i tried to think more realistically. could i really spend the time to research and figure it all out and then put in the daily work? i don't think i can right now. but isn't it good that i decided before beginning and then having to quit it? look at me! i'm getting better!

now about this baby...haha!