Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a little inspiration...

okay - i've been avoiding the blog. and the reasons are two-fold.

one - i said i would be posting more wedding pics...well i'm not. i've been not wanting to post because it takes so much time to upload photos on my blog and when they're all on facebook anyways...why would i re-post them? sorry aunt laurie - if you haven't seen them, get judy and rachel to send you a link to their facebook accounts. :) though my uncle sent me a few so maybe i'll post those. but anyways, the point is that why should i not want to blog just because i don't want to post photos?

two - no one blogs. no one comments. facebook has turned the blogging world to bleakness. however, i was feeling a little more inspired today because three friends had posted and my heart felt uplifted. ha. but you know what i mean.

so here i am. back. making the effort to blog a little more because, as i was told a couple weekends ago, "it makes me mad when you don't blog." thank you laurie.

this week was report cards. it was definitely a different experience than my first year when i was in tears and spend hours and hours labouring over my comments. this year, apparently, other teachers were crticized by parents for not having as many comments as Mrs. Shulba. haha. it's nice having just 16 kids. this will probably be my easiest set of cards ever since i know them all so well too. but overall, a positive experience. parent teacher conferences on the other hand...haha. no, not too bad.

it's most definitely feeling like christmas. tim forced me to help put up the christmas tree (which only means pulling the fully assembled tree from the room downstairs and bringing it upstairs) on the day that it snowed this week. apparently, to tim, snow equals christmas. so it's set up before december even hits. but tonight tim and i are going to "Christmas in the Valley" which TWU is a part of. they put on a live nativity with acting and there's a play that you can go to and lots of live music in the atrium. we were very impressed last year when we went with both sets of parents but this year it'll just be us. we're going to eat at the caf for old time's sake. haha.


Ashlee said...

yeah tim! my tree's been up for a week already :)

therachel said...

i love that you're blogging. i still feel that I need to blog again, if only for you, Bec. You are my blogging inspiration.

rachel said...

No way can I give up blogging. Facebook is like chatting - it's good for dropping quick notes, little updates, photos... but actual storytelling? Blogging is still the best medium to share our stories. And you're a great story teller Bec. So didn't give up on your blog yet.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE .. don't stop blogging. it's one of the highlights of my life!!!

- naj