Monday, February 14, 2011


last year, i cut out some pink and red hearts, sat down with my 8 month old, dipped his chubby little hands in white paint and put a hand print on each heart. then i gave these valentines to a handful of people. it was very cute and deserved a mom award. this year was a more rebecca-like valentines day where we didn't think ahead to make anything. but we went out for a family valentines day breakfast with all you can eat pancakes, i ate some cinnamon hearts and i took my baby to his favourite coffee shop (tim hortons) and bought him a "ditdit" (timbit). next year, ben will be over two and half and i'm sure, totally into crafting - then we will make valentines. but this year a family valentines day with my two favourite boys was a fun option.


KMac said...

oh my goodness! That photo of Tim and Ben is TOO CUTE! I just had to post a comment. It sounds as if you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the two men in your life, and I am so excited to "babysit" Ben on Thursday! Love to all the Shulbas, Katie xo

theRachel said...

Is Ben really going to be "totally into crafting" by next Feb?