Tuesday, May 24, 2011


one of my favourite things about facebook right now is the Abby Kids Swap Site. I spend lots of time there looking at all the clothes posted. the great part is that they're all in abbotsford so even if it's just a $2 onesie that looks cute, it's not a big deal to swing by and get it. lately, i've bought a number of things (mostly pink...) and everyone seems to do the same thing. you tell them the day you'll be coming by and they leave it outside on their front step in a bag for you. then when you show up, you put the money in mailbox or under the mat. it's quite the easy process and not having to deal with people face to face is something i love! haha.

now that we found out we're having a girl, i have started going through boxes of ben's clothes. i have two years worth of clothing to organize. what i'm finding is that i pull things out of these boxes and think, "i don't want to get rid of THIS!" even though there's no real reason to keep them. so far, i've been organizing the clothes into 4 piles: stuff that a girl could wear (keep), stuff that's in good enough shape to sell, stuff that's decent to give to goodwill, and stuff to toss (stained usually). of course there are the handful of items that are going in a tiny box to save indefinitely - ben's toque that he wore home from the hospital, his first little pair of shoes, etc. i'm trying not to let that box get very full. :)


theRachel said...

Like the Padraig slippers! Woo hoo!

LaelDyck said...

i love looking on the langley swap site and if we had a girl i would have purchased WAY more stuff off there. there is SO much great girl stuff...the boy stuff is lacking.