Tuesday, June 14, 2011

to move or not to move

ben's new room is cleaned out (mostly) and fairly ready to be moved into. we're not going to paint as i'd previously thought we would as the new bedding goes fine with the walls. i'd like to add some stripes to the top part of the walls in a couple colours from the bedding in order to tie it together but haven't gotten on that yet. a major regret that we have is that we never really decorated ben's current room - it still has the empty walls that it had from before he was even born. lame. so this time, we want to get some fun things on the walls in the blue room AND in the yellow room for new baby.

now the question is - when to move ben over? the more i read about moving your toddler to a big bed, the more i think we should just wait until he's older. one line from the latest article i read said, "Many parents find out too late that it would have been easier to borrow or buy another crib rather than move their older child to a bed before he was ready." ben doesn't try to get out of his crib AND it could still go another rung lower as well. it makes me think that maybe we'll have baby sleep in her playpen for a few months while ben keeps the crib for awhile. well...maybe we'll try it out the bed and see what happens. we can always go back to the crib if it doesn't work out.


Megan said...

you could always try it & see how it goes. My 19 month old nephew was moved into a bed a few months ago with preparation for the new baby. It didn't work the first night they tried (he screamed), so they left it & tried again a few weeks later & then he was fine. He now sleeps in his big boy bed every night. I know it depends on the child but you could always try Ben in the bed & if you find it's not working, keep him in the crib longer till you want to try again.

Good luck!

theRachel said...

Oh Megan...you're going to be such a great mom! Look at you with all your wisdom and you haven't even had your baby yet! Woo hoo!

LaelDyck said...

rebecca, if you want you can borrow our bassinette. we are still using it for jacob right now but i am sure that by the time your baby comes jacob will be sleeping in his crib. it's nice because it rolls, plus it has a vibrating thing on it (which puts jacob to sleep really easily) and it's small so it won't take up as much room (if the baby is in your room). let me know.