Thursday, August 09, 2012


if you are my facebook friend, you know that i was looking for suggestions for what printer i should buy.  as it turns out, there are many an opinion out there AND many a printer.  we have not had a printer in this house ever...that's 7 years of printing stuff at work.  and really, there's was never TOO much frustration with not having a printer - every once in awhile, it was a pain but it was so rare.  

at christmas, when i knew i was going to be starting project life, i asked for a printer.  i thought it would be great to print my photos at home yada yada.  and i GOT a printer for christmas!  we got it out of the box and were a little surprised at how huge it was.  then we started reading the directions, trying to install the ink, and it was frustrating.  the ink wasn't callibrating (is that the word?) and we couldn't get it working.  right away, i was like, "augh!  i'll print the photos at walmart!"  we wrapped up the printer back in the box and returned it to the store then i used the money towards my new camera.

enter the new job.  after a week of emailing documents to tim to print off for me so that i could take them with me to meetings AND him sometimes forgetting to do know, because he's WORKING, we realized that we were long overdue for a printer.  two months later (this past weekend), we happened to be at a little fair in the pricemart parking lot which is next door to london drugs.  tim said, "let's buy a printer."  i went in, picked the epson workforce series 322/325 which was normally $99 and on sale for $59 and we walked out with it.

the great thing was that this particular printer had just been put on the floor because it was their last one and they'd put the ink in already but not even printed anything yet.  we got it home and didn't have to fool around with ink (which is the part i hate about printers).  i set it up on our wireless network and am now printing things from my laptop upstairs to the printer downstairs.  it may be huge (they all seem to be) but it can be out of the way since it's wireless.  plus, the day after we got it set up, my principal sent me a document to sign, scan, and email back to her and I DID IT!  normally, that would not have been an option.

so yes, we have entered the 21st century finally!  i've been happily printing away all week!  it's about time!


theRachel said...

Welcome to this century, Bec!

LaelDyck said...

Yay! The wireless option is SO nice!