Thursday, September 27, 2012

the debit card that is a visa

i lost my debit card the other day - probably at a grocery store somewhere.  i went to the bank and they gave me my new card.  the teller explained that it's a debit card but can function like a visa.  if i go to the states, i can use it anywhere but the money comes straight from our chequing account.  i can use it to buy things online but there's no visa bill to pay afterwards.


this is the greatest.  i'm SO pumped!  no more surprise credit card bills on which i had forgotten that i'd charged something!  it's all coming out of the bank account!  love. it.  if you bank TD, go get yours too!

no.  no one paid me to write this commercial.  i'm just THAT excited. haha.

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theRachel said...

The US has had this technology forever! I remember when I was nannying in CT (eons ago) and really loved this feature, b/c I could use it to buy stuff online before I even had a credit card, b/c it had all the right numbers, and yes, b/c things came out of the account right away!