Thursday, May 23, 2013

happy birthday, tim

the 19th was tim's birthday and after church, tim suggested that we drive (an hour) to Bridal Falls for a "hike".  it's really not a hike but more of a short walk to a big waterfall but this is the extent of our family hiking at this point!  so far, we've only had somewhat negative hiking experiences with B - he's a big complainer when he has to walk anywhere so even just walking home from the park brings moaning and groaning.  when tim made this suggestion, i thought, "it's rainy.  that's an hour drive with crazy avery who hates the car.  then we'll get there and B will moan and complain the whole walk.  let's not go."  BUT it was tim's birthday so my reply was, "sure.  let's do it." 

when we told B what we were going to do after A's nap, we got him all pumped to pack up his backpack for the hike.  he seemed excited.  while avery was a little grumpy on the drive as per usual, we got to Bridal Falls without many tears.  we tried putting her in our baby-carrying-backpack and she was having no part of that so we took her out, left the backpack in the truck, and set out on our "hike". 

 apparently, all you need to do to get B excited about hiking is have him bring a backpack!  he did great and there was not one complaint.  A was a little sketchier - she walked some parts and tim and i took turns carrying her.  she mostly just wanted to get in the water.
checking out the river

unpacking his backpack

that white light at the top is Bridal Falls - the camera couldn't adjust  to both  levels of light
see backpack contents: spiderman and an apple
A got her hands on the apple and B never got it back
that's Tim and B at the top by the falls in the "no climbing zone" that EVERYONE climbs -
A and i stayed in the safe zone.... 
family selfie

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