Sunday, March 30, 2008


the other day i was getting my haircut and my hairdresser and i had run out of things to chat about so she was cutting in silence. during this moment of silence, we listened to the conversation going on next to us.

one hairdresser was putting rollers in a woman's hair for a perm and was running out of perm papers. she asked another hairdresser if she could get up on the ladder and see if there were some more perm papers up on the shelf so she did. she found them and as she handed them to the perming hairdresser, she said, "man, 10 years ago i spent all this money on training on how to do perms and now perms are so out. what a waste of money."

hmm...i wonder how the woman having her hair permed was feeling...


therachel said...

I got excited when I read the title - thought that maybe you had gotten a perm?! But, alas...was not to be. I always wanted a perm when I was younger, but my mom & hairdresser said that the chemicals are too harsh for young hair...blah blah blah. Maybe one day they will be back in vogue and I'll take the plunge?

Photobooth Vancouver said...

I had a perm when I was ten. All the big kids were doing it.
I can't imagine seeing a ten year old now with a perm, it would be very strange.

That hairdresser sounds like a twit.(my dad used the twit word the other day and I think its the best)

Ang said...

oops wrong blog identity.
I'm such a twit.