Friday, March 14, 2008


salmon update.

i've been worried. everyday i look in the tank and see my 10 or 11 salmon fry swimming around. are they eating the food i'm giving them? are they on the verge of death? where are the rest of them? i can't see any fish swimming in amongst the rocks. have they been crushed? why are the ammonia levels so high? my guru has been of no help whatsoever. very vague. maybe that's how gurus are.

so today i removed the rocks. i decided i didn't care if only 11 out 79 were out swimming...i was going to find out what was going on and stop this apathetic on-looking.

one by one i removed the rocks. i was careful not to let any slide and maybe crush the tiny salmon that were hiding. i'd take out a rock and not see anything. i'd lift out the next rock...and not see anything. there was slowly becoming less and less rocks and fewer and fewer places for a small fish to hide.

and then there were no more rocks.

and only 11 fish.



nothing. no dead fish. no egg remnants. i dug around in the gravel. i cleaned the tank. 11 fish swam around my hands as i searched.

WHERE DID THEY GO? if i hadn't seen the 80 eggs with my own eyes, i would be calling me a liar for saying they had been there. but there were! i saw them!

i was in a state of shock. just writing about this, i am in a state of shock. did they die and disintegrate? were they all runts and the 11 ate them? all the theories that i can muster are ridiculous.

my guru kept writing me unhelpful comments and closing the emails with "let me know if there are any emergencies." umm...i think i'll be sending him an email tomorrow:

Re: Emergency


jeffhamada said...

yo beck so let me get this straight you are a salmon farmer now? maybe they all got sucked up into the thing - you know, the thing that sucks up things.

i saw your status on facebook and had to read your blog haha

Anonymous said...

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Margaret said...

I think they got eaten. One time I had a goldfish named Dog who was doing just fine. Then my friend gave me another fish for my birthday. I put them in together and shortly after, Dog died. I considered that homicide. Then shortly after that, the other fish died too. Suicide? Just remember... the ways of fish are not our ways. Who are we to judge if those 11 ate their little siblings?

Ashlee said...

i am stunned - all i can offer is a quote from a very wise movie - "Finding Nemo" - are friends, not food"... (haha!)

therachel said...

i really don't know how to respond, given that i am definitely not a salmon guru.

however, i am VERY excited to see that Jeff Hamada is commenting on your blog...let's hope he becomes a regular comment-er. HI JEFF!

jeffhamada said...

haha heeeey Rachellllll whats UP - i will be lurking like a salmon - who knows when, and where, and from under which old logs, i will be surfacing

also, if you have not heard it

Chemical Brothers - "The Salmon Dance"

one of my favourite songs of all last year! ENJOY

jeffhamada said...

i dont know why i can't post this full link

try copy pasting all three of these lines into your browser..

or look it up on youtube