Saturday, February 18, 2012

avery at 5 months

oh, this little girl is just the sweetest. we've had a great week discovering that avery is beginning to chill out just a little on the schedule. i think i maybe heard her cry only two or three times ALL WEEK - this wee one is sooo mellow. she's getting good at falling asleep in her playpen when we go other places as long as she is swaddled. she's happy to sit and watch whatever is going on in the room around her and she is quick to give a big smile to anyone who makes eye contact with her. she was a dolly on valentines day when we went down to bellingham for a little valentine's day party at our friends' house and just went with the flow of the day - eating wherever and sleeping in the carseat. she's the quietest baby i have ever met. while she'll squeal and talk here and there throughout the day, it's still a very, very rare occurance to hear a giggle. the best person to make her smile is still ben. i've been giving avery her first bottle of the morning (between 7 - 7:30am) while she lays in my bed with me and it has been such a sweet way to start my mornings. she seems to have woken up with a stuffy nose this morning so she may be on her way to experiencing her first cold (sigh) but it didn't stop her from smiling and playing all morning. i have enjoyed avery so much this month as we get to know her better and better.


LaelDyck said...

Awww! It's so great to hear about her sweet, laid back demeanor!

theRachel said...

I just love these little updates. Counting down the days until your visit!