Wednesday, February 01, 2012

you're on camera

i ventured out to my step class at the gym last night. it's at 6pm which is a super awkward time to get out of the house but it's only available once a week and i love step so i do my best.

i don't mind taking a spot near the front of the class - this way i'm not distracted by all the people in front of me AND there are no mirrors front and center because that's where the stage is for the instructor. i'd rather not look at myself in my gym clothes these days. so i got my step set up and the class began. there were probably 20 people there. the room has some awkward posts so there is a camera facing the instructor and two screens on either side of the room for people to watch if they can't see the instructor around the posts.

we get going into the exercises and to make the most of your workout, you have to get your arms into it too so while you're stepping up and jumping up, you punch your arms up high or whatever. the first 15 minutes, i'm going about my workout and then i happened to look over at one of the screens. the back of my head keeps popping up, in and out of the screen. what? i'm so close to the stage, i'm apparently in the camera's line of view! i stop and try to move my step back a little ways. no such luck. every step up, my ponytail is front and center on the screen. there's really nothing i can do about it so i just keep stepping but now i'm feeling pretty self-conscious about my arm actions. for the next 10 minutes, i barely do any arms. but eventually, i'm thinking that i need to get into the workout...there's nothing i can do about this.

now we're at peak cardio and jumping up and punching the air etc etc (i bet you'd love to see this, hey? haha) so i tell myself to stop watching the screen and just work out. i picked up the pace and started getting my arms going but i couldn't help but keep peeking over at the screen. there was the back of my head bobbing in and out of the picture and everytime i would punch up, it looked like i was punching the instructor. haha.

of course, it was all good - no one pointed and laughed at me after the class but note to self, next time, be a little less keen and stand a little farther back.


Hanners said...

I loved going to step class with you.... that was a few years ago, I'm a bit more jiggly now I think!

LaelDyck said...

This class sounds great! Maybe I should find one near me!