Friday, March 23, 2012

6 months is a game changer

avery was 6 months on the 18th. avery rolled from back to front for the first time on march 6th - five and a half months. other than this, however, i really had nothing new to say since she turned 5 months! and i put off posting about avery turning 6 months.

then, all of a sudden, avery seemed older. she started laughing outloud more often. it's like a little old man's hoarse chuckle and over the last few days, it's happening all the time! it is the greatest. avery has been practicing sitting up and in the last few days has been able to balance so much better - she's on her way to sitting! she started moving around more in her jolly jumper. she started playing more with the toys on the exersaucer. she has become much harder to swaddle. ALL SINCE 6 MONTHS! so interesting that so many things could happen over a period of a few days.

i'm currently turning my blog from june 2009 - june 2010 into a book so that i can keep ben's first year as a hard copy. as i've been editing and playing around with the book online before getting it printed, i'm re-reading these posts about ben's first year and i was such a regular blogger. i was posting almost daily. it really made me see how i've fallen off that wagon this year. it's fun to go back and see what was going on on an almost day-to-day basis. hopefully, i'm capturing more of that in my Project Life album but it's still my goal to get some more regular posting going again and documenting these things for friends and family far away to see.

avery LOVING the ball pit. a new favourite activity.

bean "sensory bin" -
one of ben's latest fav activities and now he has to share with avery.
but i don't think he minded - and avery LOVED it almost as much as the ball pit.


rachel said...

what is a sensory bin?? I want one! :)

theRachel said...

She looks so grown up in the shots where she's holding her head up so well!

LaelDyck said...

What a cutie!! It's so nice when they suddenly develop a bunch of new skills all at once. It's so fun to see her growing up!