Monday, March 26, 2012

tire! tire!

it's rare that a few hours might go by during the day without ben yelling, "tire! hurry! get the tire trucks!" yes. he's a budding firefighter who can't say the letter f. over the last month, the evolution of fighting pretend fires has gone from simply spraying a fire with water to rescuing a boy and girl from a fire and taking people who have been hurt to the hospital in the ambulance. firefighter, paramedic, if it has a siren, he's in. what's ironic is that ben hates loud noises. haha.

at canadian tire, some of the shopping carts are little fire trucks. the other day, it took us about half an hour to go in for light bulbs because every 10 feet, ben would jump out, pretend to get the ladder off the truck, pretend to climb the ladder, spray the fire with water, put the ladder back on the truck and then tim could keep pushing the cart. it was pretty funny to watch and we had no where to be so we let him do it over and over.

anyways, ben is usually afraid of the hose when tim is washing the truck but this saturday, tim suggested that the truck was on fire and ben needed to spray the truck with the hose. it started with ben holding the hose with tim and ended up ben doing it all on his own. now we can't walk outside without him running around the side of the house to grab the hose and pretend to shoot it. a whole new dimension of pretend tiretire. (firefighter)
(if your kid also loves pretending to be a firefighter, i stumbled across this awesome book at the library: The Firefighters By Sue Whiting. it's 3 kids pretending to be firefighters and then their teacher has a real firefighter come to their class. we read this at least 3-4 times a day while we had it out of the library.)


LaelDyck said...

Oh Ben, you are awesome!

Matt said...

thats my boy