Thursday, May 17, 2012

welcome summer!

i'm getting a little ahead of myself by welcoming summer, i suppose, but it's been a lovely week of sunshine and warm weather here.  after learning that avery could stay up late at my surprise party and she didn't seem to have any problems the next day, we've been keeping her up a bit later every night since!  we usually eat dinner around 5:30pm/6pm and then we've been going for a family walk each night.  ben rides his bike and if we stay in our neighbourhood, tim rides his bike too while i push avery in the stroller.  now that ben's riding, it's actually quite hard to keep up - a good little workout for me. but a couple times, we've gone to Mill Lake and walked around there, stopping at each playground before moving on.  avery's pretty content to watch people go by and see ben riding his bike near her. (though last night was crying by the time we got home - oops, sorry, avery!)  here are some pics from a couple nights ago at mill lake. 

Ben calls these baby swings "the big swings" because he can go much, much higher in them than when he's on the regular swing.  he's starting to look ridiculously big in them though.

Avery was pretty thrilled about swinging

what's funny about all these open mouth photos is that there is no noise coming out - just totally silent excited face.  


Megan said...

love the pics, especially the last one of Avery. She looks like she's ready to do a gig! haha.

LaelDyck said...

So fun! I love mill lake, it's such a nice walk!