Monday, May 07, 2012

yogurt pop

avery loves smooth foods.  So far she's gobbled up ALL the pear baby food from the baby food swap while i tried to sneak in other foods in between bites.  she quickly learned to close her lips tightly and just stick her little tongue out to see which food it was.  if it was pears, she'd open her mouth.  anything else, she pursed those lips so that there was nothing getting through.  oh man.  last night, we were having mashed potatoes.  i put a little in her mouth and she loved them.  she never stopped opening her mouth for those potatoes!  

but so far, her favourite treat is a yogurt pop.  i buy these yogurt tubes and put them in the freezer to make "popsicles" out of them for ben.  i let avery have a taste a few nights ago and she loved it.  on saturday night, i let her hold it herself and showed her how to get it to her mouth.  she held on tight and seemed to love every minute of it.  when i took it away from her to peel the wrapper back a little more, she just kept shaking her hands wildly with her mouth open until she got it back.  after she demolished half of it, i felt like she shouldn't eat the WHOLE thing, so i took it away.  she was a little bit upset...she actually held her breath for a good 20 seconds before screaming.  poor girlie.  we let her finish it the next night.  :)


theRachel said...

Oh man, the crying photos. She was clearly enamoured with the yogpop.

LaelDyck said...

LOL!! So sweet and happy then absolutely furious with you! I need to try this with Jacob. Something he could actually feed himself!