Thursday, June 07, 2012


last night, tim went mountain biking with a buddy which triggered in ben the desire to also ride bikes so i told him that we could go for a walk around the neighbourhood before bedtime.  as we went around the streets by our house, ben was pointing out trees that were rough.  it took him saying this a couple time for me to clue in that all the rough trees were evergreens.  i remembered an episode of Calliou where they talk about rough leaves and smooth leaves so i pointed out some smooth leaf trees while we walked.  he got off and on his bike many times to feel the trees which was funny to watch.  we got to one spiny looking tree and i pointed out that there were pinecones growing on it.  he asked if i could lift him up to see them so i figured, "why not?"  as i lifted him up, the couple who lived in the house walked out and caught us in the act.  it totally looked like we were pulling the pinecones off.  i was somewhat embarrassed as they stared at us.  i called out, "we're just feeling your tree..."  the woman seemed to get it and asked ben if he liked their tree to which he answered, "yes!"  it all seemed fine but funny nonetheless.


theRachel said...

So...did you actually take any pinecones? ;0

Bec Shulba said...

no! we weren't trying to!

LaelDyck said...

I would have been embarrassed too! Good recovery :)