Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a serious fireman

i have lots of things that i should be posting about - ben's birthday, ben giving up his soother, avery saying her first words (just kidding!), but those other ones take time and sometimes i just want to jot something down.  so here's a jot for you...

a friend told us about Fireman Sam - a british kid's show that started out as claymation (like Thomas) and now is animated - and i found some episodes on youtube.  once in awhile ben will watch them on my laptop and he's been watching one this morning.  he gets so excited when sam is coming to the rescue that he keeps hopping down off his chair with his eyebrows furrowed and running into the kitchen then back to the computer.  i asked him what he was doing and he said, "i'm a tire tighter!" (firefighter)  he can't bare to just WATCH a fireman without acting it out himself.  right now, he's clapping for sam getting a medal.  too funny.  i think we've found a new show!  i just need to find it on DVD since we don't have the right channel to watch it.


Alyssa said...

Ha! Avery's first word totally got me. Hux's speech pathologist sent us a checklist yesterday to make sure his speech is on target. The checklist spans quite an age range, so you can't know if you're on target or not because somethings there's no way he'd be doing now. I've been reassuring myself that at least he seems to be similar to other kids, so even just for a second that caused total panic, haha.

Laura said...

My kids love Fireman Sam! I grew up watching the clay version as my dad is from Wales.
I think I got the DVD from Target- $5!