Thursday, October 11, 2012


kids seem to love buzz&woody and lightening mcqueen.  these two movies are EVERYWHERE.  i don't know how kids can watch those long movies at 2 years old but ben was never the kind of kid to watch anything longer than a curious george.  (which is great, really.)  but let's be honest, i've been looking forward to having a reason to watch kids movies.  

on the last weekend of august, we had our first movie night with ben and avery.  ben had never watched a full length movie before.  we laid out a blanket on the living room floor for an indoor picnic while we watched our movie.  i didn't plan it in too much advance so when i turned on netflix and realized (duh) there was no disney, the next logical choice was Rio.  
i was disappointed that our first movie wasn't Cars or Toy Story (although the mean kid is a little too scary) but as the movie started, there was lots of music (which avery loved) and the "bad guys" weren't scary - bonus.  ben asked questions during most of the movie - i did a lot of narrating.  i remember my dad describing what was happening in movies for me and i always liked it...hopefully, my kids feel the same way.  anyways, it wasn't too long and ben seemed to like it - at least, he was interested until the end.  

i didn't take any photos but found this little video clip with the kids watching the opening scene: 

so this past weekend, tim saw that Cars was playing on tv so he recorded it.  i was excited to for ben to see the movie that his friends love and sport on their clothes/underwear/pull-ups/toothbrushes/beach towels etc.  we got it started at dinner and tim and i were pretty into it but ben lost interest after the first race.  he was off playing and i kept pausing the movie, saying, "are you still watching this or should i turn it off?"  usually, by the time i ask this question about curious george in the morning, the answer is "turn it off" but he continued to say, "i'm still watching" so i guess he liked it well enough.  but really, are any 3 year olds watching full length movies?  or do they just like the characters?  the experience definitely encouraged me not to bother with a movie theatre for at least a few more years.  :) 

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Hanners Barkey said...

I took Mateo to see How to Train Your Dragon when he was 3 1/2 at the cinema. It was his favourite movie and he held my hand when I got scared.