Wednesday, October 17, 2012

teething fever

avery has only had two teeth since she was about 8 months.  her first birthday came and went with no new teeth.

a few weeks ago, i was in zeller's (they had big sales because they're closing down) and the cashier took one look at avery's smile and said, "it looks like she'll be getting her top teeth in 15 - 20 days."  i kind of laughed and asked, "is that your prediction?"  she replied, "it's not a prediction - it's the truth.  i am a dental hygenist."  i was a little stunned so i didn't ask anymore questions though now, i'm wondering why was she working at zellers!?

well, sure enough, about 3 weeks later, avery is teething like crazy.  she's been up in the night 3 - 4 times (for over a week now), moaning with her finger in her mouth.  the last two days, she's had a fever - her whole body has been a little furnace.  last night, at midnight, i was feeling like, "is this bad that i'm letting this fever go and not taking her to the doctor?" but at 5am, i went in and she was soaked with sweat but no longer feverish.  so hopefully, that's all we see of the fever.  her top two teeth seem to have poked through but i think the teeth on either side are on their way in.

it's tough being a baby.  ;)


theRachel said...

I'm definitely wondering what that dental hygienist was doing working at Zeller's, but good prediction! Hope the rest of the teething goes smoothly.

LaelDyck said...

I can't believe they can predict when the teeth will pop through! That's crazy! I assumed that teeth move up and down a lot before popping out. Crazy! (and yeah...why was she working at Zellers?)