Saturday, April 13, 2013

week 10

a rough week with FEW pics.  ugh. and what's crazy is that we did so many fun things this week seeing as i was pumped to have finished report cards.  PLUS, i had this ridiculous page layout to deal with from week 9.  but we see lots of gray and turquoise again!  
not my fav looking 2 page spread

the sandbox and A's legs pics are actually from week 11 but i journalled about "regular" life along with those pics so that they were relevant to this week's layout.  the bottom gray card is waiting for the one instagram from this week to get printed.

aaaand all these pics are from saturday - the day i realized that i no pics from this week!  haha.  at least we had something going on on saturday with friends!  i also geekily journalled about our latest favourite board game in the top left 4x6 spot.
it's weeks like these that would set my back in my 2012 book because i wouldn't want to document the week so i'd leave it and fall far behind.  2013, head down, power through.

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rachel said...

where did you get the 'all you need is love - and more coffee' card?? I love that lol. See and these pages look great to me - and the similar colors just make the book cohesive. I enjoy the days of the week washi tape you used on both these spreads!

And Nora had excema behind her knees too. I use 'Aveeno with colliadial oatmeal' on her... and on me, my hands get cracked with excema in the winter, and that stuff doesn't sting.