Monday, April 01, 2013

it's all about crisp

crisp is one of my kryptonite desserts - i can't resist it.  however, MAKING crisp has always been an experiment that just is never quite right.  i'm always trying new recipes and they're never quite what i was looking for.  last night, i found the one that i will make all summer:

i made strawberry rhubarb (rhubarb that was saved in my freezer from last summer!) and it was fantastic!  fruit crisp gives the illusion of being a healthy dessert (fruit and oats!) but don't be fooled.  especially if you break this recipe for 7 servings into only 4!  heehee.  

but it's worth it!  


rachel said...

I know what you mean! it's so tricky to get that perfect chewy-crispy oat and sugar topping, and sweet-tart fruit filling. course, whipped cream covers a multitude of sins ;)

theRachel said...

Mmm...I could go for some crisp right about now!

Megan said...

I have a yummy crisp recipe I can send you too.