Wednesday, September 26, 2007

oh small schools...

today i taught PE to grades 1 - 5. it's a bit of a range. it's not great for soccer in the gym even though that's what they voted to play. those poor grade 1s and 2s didn't know what hit them...though it was usually the ball. i just ran around putting out fires (metaphorically of course) but it was quite the experience.

the french program is going great though. tomorow the 6/7s begin desk work. i'm a little nervous as i want to be on top of them to be speaking only french but it's easier when they're contained on the carpet. i'm sure it'll be fine. you wouldn't believe how much french i can speak now. haha.

i now no longer have 18 students in my class - it's down to 16. we had a family leave and they had 2 kids in my class. that means when my gr. 5s are out of the class, i only have 12. crazy. though it means we get to do some very fun things. (umm...maybe they're only fun in teacher-minds).

so that's the school update fyi. i cannot believe that next week is october. it really flies.

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therachel said...

I'm so proud of you, Mrs. Shulba - it sounds like you're doing a great job. Now, this family didn't leave because of the French hand signals, did they?

I also can't believe that next week is October. Yikes!