Friday, September 14, 2007

what are you doing saturday morning?

agassiz fall fair is calling your name. if you're looking for something to do - it's a pretty cute fair. tomorrow at 9:30 there's a parade (that i'll be in on a float with the school) and rides. lots of animals and tractors. all the great fair foods like mini donuts and cotton candy PLUS...the reason i stay aoround until lunch time? bbq chicken and corn. it's the best meal ever. they have tons of it. i was supposed to have entered my scrapbook in the fair but never got it in. shoot - could have won $4 if it had come in first. there's always next year.


Angela Haugo said...

I'll come whenever you have something in the fair. How's that for motivation?

Ashlee said...

i almost want to go...just to see you on a float :)

therachel said...

this is reason enough for Dallas and I to move back to BC. Maybe we'll make it in time for next year?