Sunday, January 20, 2008

a girl of simple tastes...

that is what i am.

i haven't spoken of this on the blog yet, but since november, i have been counting points. if you're familiar with the weight watchers lingo, you'll already know that all food has a certain amount of points as figured out by some mathmatical equation using the calories, fat, and fibre. so for example, a piece of dempsters bread is 2 points or an egg is 2 points but a handful of potato chips is 6 - 7points. so based on your height, weight, job, etc - you're allowed a certain amount everyday. mine is 22 a day. sure, there are many an argument against WW and their points but there are also many success stories. and i'm loving it. i am counting points somewhat illegally because i'm not signed up with WW but instead, my support meetings take place on thursday nights when i get together with liz. if you'd like to know more, maybe you'd also like to count points and meet with us on thursdays, (or not count points but just want to see me get weighed in every thursday) send me a message on FB or email. it's a great program if you don't eat chips all day as your points. not that i've considered that...

so back to the post title - a girl of simple tastes. you can imagine that if you're are counting points, it gets a little obsessive feeling. you regard food as points and ask yourself questions such as, "is this chocolate cookie point-worthy?". so when i eat "bad" foods, i have started only eating my most favourite things because why waste points on something you don't even like that much? i'm sure you can see the logic. so my favourite point indulgence is a Wendy's Jr. Hamburger and fries combo. if i have the burger with no mayo and only one half of the bun, the meal is about 11 points. pretty decent. however, when friends want to go out for dinner at a restaurant, i'm sometimes thinking to myself that there is nothing point-worthy there and i'd really just like to eat wendys. it's a terrible affliction to love fries so much. my mom jokes that "fuh-fies" was one of my first words as a child. thankfully, i have fantastic friends who let me drag them to wendys for lunch after church instead of somewhere nice. and it's always the best meal i've ever had.

because what can i say? i have simple tastes.

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therachel said...

aw, even more reason for Dallas and I to live close by...we would be at Wendy's with you for sure! Does Dallas know how much you like Wendy's, b/c it's his favourite restaurant too!

2 years ago for Valentine's I surprised him with a "fancy dinner" at Wendy's. I went there early, set up a table with candles and a table cloth and such and it was very silly and a perfect mockery of valentine's day (I hate how everything gets so hyped!). All of this was done with permission of Wendy's staff, of course. Hey, given your post, it sounds like TIM should be reading this comment and getting some ideas for V-day, coming up in a few weeks *nudge, nudge*

Have you tried the new chicken go wrap? How many points is it? Also, is Liz doing the points thing, or do you just do the weigh-in part there b/c she has a scale?