Saturday, June 14, 2008

mix tape much?

on saturday mornings (and sometimes tuesday or thursday afternoons) i go to a strength class at my gym. it's an hour of weights, squats, abs, etc to music. so for the length of a song, we do a million reps of something. but the music is just a crazy crazy mix. the funny thing is that they keep the same routine for 6 weeks and that means you listen to the same songs for 6 weeks. today was the beginning of a new routine so i'd never heard the music mix. oh man. songs i remember from it?

pump it up medley (the hockey song)

rockin robin

pretty woman

dr. jones (by aqua)

who's bed have your boots been under

mmmbop (by hanson)

and there were many many more songs...i just can't think of them. but can you believe that mix? you know when you make a mix cd, you try to make a flow? (or maybe that's just me?) well this is the opposite of flow. and now i get to listen to it for 6 more weeks. i have to admit though...i AM able to sing along to almost all the songs...

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Katie Marie said...

Hi Bec!
I'm finally home! I can't wait to see you and Tim today at our house for the BBQ! I am so excited! Seeing Matt and your parents yesterday at the welcome home ceremony in Victoria was such a joy! You can imagine there were many tears! I miss you so much, and getting to read your blog throughout this last year away has really given me a piece of home to take with me everywhere, so thank you SO much! You are an amazing woman, and such a talented writer! No wonder your students love you so much (they are really going to miss you at Agassiz, but I'm sure you will miss them all too!)
Take care, my sister-to-be, and I look forward to seeing you tonight!
Love, Katie