Thursday, June 19, 2008

don't deprive...

as you know...summer is *ahem* "here". and we want starbucks fraps. you may be avoiding them for fear of the horrendous calorie intake but hear this: the tall, light, coffee frap is only 90 calories. indulge.

thank you to my sponsers: rachel and alyssa.


therachel said...

you're welcome, b-mac.

HEY! Last week in Calgary I saw a "B MAC" license plate! no kidding.

Ang said...

Say no to blending.
Grande iced coffee in a venti cup,
vanilla instead of classic syrup. Fill up the rest with non fat milk.
Low calorie and Low cost!
Venti for $2.50 y'all!

Sharelle said...

that to which ang refers is known as the "ghetto latte".

in the best possible way of course.

and really, all they do back there is pour in cold milk. so why not?

therachel said...

Ang...I'm totally going to 'go ghetto' next time at Starbucks...thanks for the tip!