Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bed and breakfast?

so it's official - tim and i bought tickets to fly to Halifax this summer. it's really our first big vacation where we're just hanging out sightseeing and not meeting up with people. very different. but with the expense of tickets/renting a car/gas...we're trying to stay places that are cheap. this means 2 star bed and breakfasts. you can find some that are lower than even backpacker's hostels and stuff. but it's been a pretty funny search. some b&bs are really just an extra room down the hall from where the owners sleep...which i'm not a huge fan of. some pretty crazy decor. the best are the things that they advertise that their suites have. my favourite luxury that's i've seen recently? "complimentary use of our acoustic guitar"


therachel said...

re: complimentary use of the acoustic guitar - maybe tim will play you some tunes? that would be most excellent!

Chels said...

You'll have to go surfing in Halifax. I almost moved there after highschool to go the Dalhousie... and the surfing was the big pull... but then I had this blue eyed boy in Tsawwassen that I just couldn't part with..

Scotty's parents went there a few years ago- the pictures were beautiful... make sure to take tons. I wanna see at least three albums on facebook (that's at least 180 pictures)