Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ahh...the finale

so there we have it. the last chance for courtney, twitch, joshua, and katee to bring it. it was pretty good.

katee just seems so far and away the winner - she's such a wonderful dancer. i really felt it even more when they did the little clip of her journey through the competition and the clips were all dances i really remembered. that's a sign of good dances - the ones we remember. and when she's in ALL of them? how can she not come out on top? ...umm...usually that's when they don't come out on top, isn't it? shoot. maybe i've ruined it for her. ;)

joshua is amazing. he also could win it.

i've loved twitch since the audition. and he never lost that lovable quality (which mandy moore so poorly put it as the "sparkle in his eyes"...i'm sure his home boys are loving that) if he won it though, i don't think it would be deserved in comparison to katee. but i think he's made his mark (just as nigel so fantastically put it) on this competition.

and courtney? i can't believe she made it this far. sure, i've liked her all along but top 4? apparently i'm not the only one who feels this way because the judges just kept saying it over and over which must be strange for her to keep hearing.

i was suprised by the first hiphop dance and the kudos that it got from the judges. sure, mandy moore was miss positive, no criticism tonight but the other two? it was not deserving of the scream. it looked like they missed some major moves but tried to mask it? did anyone else feel like that? i was shocked by the positivity from the judges afterwards.

i love wade robson. i was SO excited that he came and choreographed a dance for tonight and it was a great great dance. and i was also happy that they gave us the reason as to where he's been all season because every wednesday i say, "but where's wade robson been?" yay.

strange number for the final 4. i was pretty pumped for it - mia? oh yeah. but then i had mixed feelings. i wish i had tivo (or just recorded it on the vcr) to play it back and re-assess. kilts? there was so much going on and i'm often yelling at the camera angles that miss people and felt like they played into my lack of excitement for it. i feel fairly strongly about season 2's final 4 finale and i rewatched that one tonight to figure out why. i think i just loved all those dancers more than the seasons 3 & 4. hmm...

at least i'll get to see lots of these dances again LIVE in september when tim and i (and liz and darian) go see SYTYCD on TOUR! what what!?!?

prediction for winner? katee.


therachel said...

I was also super under-impressed by the first hip hop number, couldn't figure out why the judges are so jazzed.

I'm also hoping Katee wins, though Joshua would also be deserving. I agree with your statements about Twitch and Courtney...though I feel like she realized (even before the judges kept telling her) that she "isn't the best dancer," but so thankful to have made it this far.

I loved the Mia number - totally jealous that you get to see that in person. I also LOVED the Wade Robson # - so great.

I can't even handle that you guys are going to the tour, and that Tim and Darian are going along. SO fantastic. Wish we could join!

PS - have you tried to find the dances on YouTube?

Megan Thiessen said...

I'm taping it tonight as I have a stagette to go to. I got Laura to vote for Katee for me.

So I had to re-watch the final dance (I had taped the show on vcr), & I liked it a lot more the second time. Plus I just love anything Scottish so I was happy to see some kilts:)

Laura & I along with 2 of our friends are also going to the tour! We are in the cheapest section, we were last year but it was still so amazing. Where are you guys sitting? We're SO excited for Sept. 20 in Tacoma!