Wednesday, August 27, 2008


that's how i'm feeling. and that's maybe how most teachers feel their first week back to school. there's so much to do but sometimes no matter how much you do, nothing more can happen until those kiddos arrive and fill up the classroom with reasons for teaching. but nonetheless, there is this panic-y feeling that fills me the weekend before school begins. "i have to do something great this weekend!" i think. "tim! we need to do something fun this weekend!" i say. "it's my LAST weekend!" i shout.

sometimes i forget it's not my last weekend. there will be another one next week.


therachel said...

You are great - I hope you know that. I know this feeling, even though I'm not a teacher - sort of a cocktail of dread, anticipation, etc...shaken, with a twist.

Mrs. Shulba, you are the greatest grade 3 teacher out there (unless Mrs. Thorpe is/will be teaching grade 3 too, in which case you ladies would tie). Go get 'em!

PS - "something great to do this weekend" - I've heard Edmonton is nice ;-)

Sharelle said...

"sort of a cocktail of dread, anticipation, etc...shaken, with a twist"

rachel just described my "pre-practicum" feelings to a tee. sometimes i catch my stomach doing flip flops. i think partly its just knowing the sheer amount of WORK that is coming this way.

tomorrow i am going for my proffessional development, then tuesday meet the students. yup - here come the flip flops.

thanks for making me feel a little better about it all.

Sharelle said...

(why not post two comments in a row)

i said that EXACT thing to matt this week: "we need to do something REALLY great this weekend?" to which he looks at me dumbfounded.

but seriously - any recommendations? i don't think we have money to go away. what do you got (and no, not Edmonton rachel..even though i would love to see you!)

therachel said...

ummm...if it's nice - something out doors? a last hike? Not that Bec & Sharelle have to do something together - but didn't you guys take a hiking class at some point (ohhh TWU)?

Or...good times on WR beach? Camping? Sleeping in? (to me - that would be good times?) Granville island? Theatre sports? Wreck Beach? Have a BBQ? Convince someone else to have a BBQ?

I think those are all my ideas for now.

Anonymous said...

how about hanging out with judy and jan? i've heard that can be fun!

- naj

Alyssa said...

Sleepovers are fun.