Saturday, August 09, 2008

*sigh* joshua?

two comments on the last post? there must be more SYTYCD fans reading this blog that have something to say now that it's all said and done!

well i thought that i'd be okay with either katee or joshua...but then katee got kicked out. and i was sad. consoled a little that josh won and not twitch (though, don't get me wrong, i do love twitch) but it should have been katee. this is what happens when we leave the voting to american highschool girls. haha.

highlight of the finale: all the old SYTYCD dancers in the big final dance. i was watching the show with 3 boys (one who's a hater) and 1 girl who's watched this whole season but not the past ones as wholeheartedly as me. which is all fine and good...but i scared them all when the finale dance came on - screaming out peoples' names, "there's benji! i love you dominic! i hate you neil!" stuff like this. at the end, i looked around and everyone was looking at me. hmm...

yay for SYTYCD live in september!


Alyssa said...

Well I haven't seen this episode yet, I'll have to download it. I also could not believe that Katee didn't win, but I'm OK with Joshua. He's pretty insanely good for someone with no training... and I would have been mad if Twitch won.

You are SO lucky to be going to the live concert. I don't know why I was lame and didn't try to buy tickets right away. Next year for sure!

Megan Thiessen said...

I felt the same. I think the judges did that "$50,000 to the top girl" b/c they knew that would happen. The young girls love to vote for boys who look good in tight pants. haha. The tour is going to be awesome! The sytycd canada starts in the fall so hopefully that will be decent.

Laura said...

Sorry bec, I had posted but then it didn't work, but i read it:)

I totally agree with your points. I thought either katee, josh or twitch could win and said it really didn't matter, but then when Katee was off, i was actually sad. I really do think she is better. My highlight was seeing Mary Murphie dance, did anyone else think she looked way skinnier when she was on stage. I like her so much more when she's dancing and not talking, SYTYCD would be improved if she left. Where are your seats for Sept. 20? We're in 3B row 7 seats 19-21.

therachel said...

I agree - was sad when Katee didn't win. Love her.

I also quite enjoyed when Mary and Nigel danced - and I agree with Laura - Mary has a smokin' set of legs (which we never see otherwise).

And yes, for those of us who live too far away from the USA to catch the tour, I'm looking forward to seeing how SYTYCD Canada shakes down.

hannah said...

i dont have tv over here that's current. sorry!