Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sigh. where has all the blogging gone?

i don't know. you'd think with no facebook in the house here at school, i'd be madly looking for something else to waste my time! but alas...i seem to have turned over a new leaf. i work. weird, i know.

i think of lots of things to blog about in a day but i have been spending very little time at the computer lately...sometimes going a whole evening without even logging in.

my life is a little consumed with a cleanse right now. i'm on day 9. of 21. dr. joshi cleanse (i don't know the real name for it). everything you eat is gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar, fruit (except bananas), red meat, tomatoes, potatoes, or caffiene. so that means i eat a lot of vegetables, brown rice, chicken and fish (but no tuna). that's not so bad, right? ugh. it's only not so bad if you're alone in your house at all times. but this weekend was quite the hurdle. i was in tacoma (more on that soon) and then had to resist judy's chili, homemade bread, and pumpkin roll. WORST. tim fell off the wagon for the chili. he's now no longer on the cleanse. i'm getting by but not without wondering to myself each day, "why am i doing this?".

one might ask, "do you feel better?". but i never felt that bad! i definitely feel healthier. I had pretty low energy the first few days but after that, i've been back to normal.

one thing i found yesterday that will decidedly keep me on the cleanse until the end was Riceworks rice chips. umm...maybe it's cheating because are they processed? i guess so, right? but there's no artificial flavouring or additives so who knows. but seriously, they're a small cheat without cheating. i'd eat these over doritos or potato chips anyday. i recommend you try the sweet chili.


therachel said...

You go girl. Can't believe you're cleans-ing. Not that I don't think that you can do it (b/c you can), but that I just didn't know you were that kind of gal...the cleanse kind.

Anyhow, glad you're back. Please elaborate more on Tacoma i.e. SYTYCD TOUR!!! I've been checking the blog feverishly hoping for an update.

Also, can't believe you not only missed the Judy chili, but also the PUMPKIN ROLL! I still remember when I was the most fortunate recipient of some express-posted pumpkin roll, sent to me while at CBC in Regina, way back in the day. That Judy, she thinks of everything.

therachel said...

how am i the only comment-er? It's a great blog entry! Please don't be discouraged, Bec!

Katie Marie said...

Keep up the good work, Bec! You're doing great! Don't worry, I'm eating enough fruit for the two of us, probably! You're looking amazing, as if you needed a cleanse for that! But really, as long as you feel good about yourself...I'm so proud of you!

Thanks for the walk yesterday at WR Beach. What a fabulous day, maybe one of the last before the really cold weather sets in. I hope the sun stays, though - only 12 days until the wedding! YAY!

Have fun with the kiddies at school! Love you beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You know what will be a great end to the cleanse? Enjoying fondue with Rachel.

Sharelle said...

fondue with rachel.

therachel said...

mmm...fondue with my favourite bc people (including you, anonymous)