Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This are done a little differently in a bigger school (think going from 55 kids to 400 kids). Today I got the hot lunch form. At Agassiz, we filled out our little hot dog form a day or two before hot lunch day. Sometimes I didn't even order until the morning of but I always got my hot dog. Today, this form has ALL the things to order for the next 3 months. It includes 4 different kinds of pizza, Booster Juice smoothies, Sun chips AND Lays (2 flavours), as well as Krispy Kreme donuts. Woah. Then in small print at the bottom it says, "To comply with the new nutrition standards for the food and beverage items being sold in schools from the Ministry of Health and Education guidelines we have changed our pizza and chip selection." WHAT? I just want to know what they changed it FROM! how does Krispy Kremes make it through the loops?

I have to say though...with all the nutrition in schools things that are changing these days...I'm glad I still have the option of really looking forward to pizza and booster juice on Hot Lunch!

(only 6 more days of the cleanse left...)


Jonny said...

Wow...Things have changed since I was in school. We had 2 items - Hot Dogs and Honey Glazed Donuts...That's it!

therachel said...

yes...I remember the good ol' days of hot dogs, wrapped in a napkin. Funny to think of that now. I think the mom's actually cooked them in the multi purpose room. Ohhh elementary school hot lunch. I swear even when it was something other than hot dogs we still called it "hot dog day."

Sharelle said...

oh man.
i think i may reconsider my career choices for hot lunch:) where is the hot lunch at high school?

"cafeteria" you might say.

bah - the anticipation of it all just isn't there.

to be fair - i did eat a hot dog at a staff lunch today. so everything's not lost :)

Margaret said...

I've heard Krispy Kremes are actually quite nutritious. It's all that fiber, whole grains, and omega-3 fatty acids. ;)