Thursday, September 04, 2008

oh koodo...i love you

so i'm back in the land of the cellphones again. i've been pretty hard to get a hold of for many moons and then i found koodo. sure, the commercials are totally strange and annoying. but their plans are not. they're fantastic! [raise hands above head] "c'est fantastique!" (yes, i've started teaching french again....) i walked out future shop with a fantastic phone, low monthly bill, paid nothing, and don't have a contract! i have a tab. i love it. i love the way that i could pick the features of my plan. there are no system access fees. every plan has unlimited evenings and weekends from 7pm on (and you can pay an extra $5 for evenings to start at 5pm) AND all plans include text. and now i'm a texting fiend. (if you're wishing i would text you, check my number on FB.) if you're looking for a new plan/carrier...i recommend.

in funnier cell phone news, i thought that i would sell my old fido (which isn't even that old) on craigslist for $30. it doesn't have a charger (which is why i fell out of cell phone land) and apparently they're now hard to find plus to re-activate was going to be at least $35 so i figured - get rid of it. but seriously, who's going to buy a phone with no charger for $30? well...someone in abbotsford in the worst looking but running truck i've ever seen. i was feeling bad for selling it to them but when she said that she had a motorola charger, i even said, "do you want to check the phone with the charger first to see if they're the same?" and she said no. so i made $30.

now i'm looking for other things that i can sell on craigslist! haha.


therachel said...

Yaaaaayyyyy! I'm excited that you have a cell! I'm thinking that I'm going to have to make you one of my faves!

bernard shaw said...

Hey Bec,

Thanks for picking us to be your next cellphone carrier! Koodo, that is. Yes, the ads can be strange to some, not so much to others.:-))It's a love and hate relationship.

Anyway thanks again, let us know what we do well or if we screw up!:-)


Margaret said...

I wonder how it compares with Virgin Mobile. Did you compare them? I love Virgin Mobile for the exact same reasons... cheap and no contract. I have one in Seattle and one in BC. Of course I probably talk on the phone less than you, but it's perfect for switching back and forth across the border.