Tuesday, February 03, 2009

oh the baby gear

yesterday we had a pro-d day and i was finished at school around 2:30pm so i thought i'd head to the langley mall.  i have a $50 giftcard for this mall and had the brilliant idea that i should use my $50 towards baby stuff.  so i spent some time in the "baby gear" sections of The Bay, Sears, and Babies R Us.  apparently it's "baby week" at the Bay but the clothes are really too expensive to begin with so 30% off doesn't make for the most awesome deals anyways.  however, that said, i still bought a little outfit with matching bib with a Bay giftcard that i had also.  so cute.  

anyways - there is a ton of gear out there for these little guys.  the crazy strollers and car seats, cribs, crib bedding, $70 mobiles, playpens, swings, mats, etc.  i was a little overwhelmed.  needless to say, "my $50 giftcard will not cover anything.  :)  BUT it's nice to have a little something something towards it.  i went to a baby swap this last weekend (no, we weren't swapping babies) and there's just TONS of this gear, barely used, out there for sale.  now THIS is the way to go.  i didn't buy anything but it was nice to know that i can get it somewhere other than the mall.   i spent some time emailing people on craigslist today too.  

so the search for the gear is on.  the goal?  to get some good deals.  let me know if you see any.  i should put judy on the job.  :)  


jan said...

i agree! judy needs one more thing to do! ;)

theRachel said...

I agree...not because Judy needs one more thing to do (isn't she so busy already?) but b/c this is her FORTE! Other than geocaching, that is. Need I remind you of the kitchen appliances? Judy will somehow find a way to find you matching everything at a terrific price...I just know it!

You also have lots of friends who are eager to "shower" you & that little T-bit with gifts at some point.