Saturday, February 14, 2009

sugar and red dye....

the craziest day of the school year is valentines day. yesterday, we had a little v-day party in the afternoon but the kids were already hopped up on sugar and excitement. all one of my students had for lunch was a rice crispie square and a granola bar! great...what a way to start off a sugary afternoon. all day there were comments about "i can't wait for the party!" you may be wondering what grade 3s DO at a valentine's day party...all we did was eat cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate, open our valentines, then played some 7-up. why do kids love that game? i remember loving it when i was a kid too. anyways - some of the boys were bouncing off the walls after all our sugary food. as a teacher, you know that its your fault that you let them eat all that stuff by having a party so you don't want to just be coming down on them hard at the party...but by friday afternoon in general? you're SO ready for a weekend. it was craziness.

but nonetheless...i survived and came out of it with some great chocolates. :)

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Cousin Sarah said...

hey Rebecca.
We had a v-day party at my school too. All of the younger kids were hyper. Most of the older kids were just glad it it was friday and that it was the weekend.

Is seven up that game where seven people run around and tap people on the head, and then the people who were tapped guess who tapped them? That game is pretty much pointless but it is still kinda fun!