Wednesday, February 25, 2009

odds and ends...

well it's been awhile since a post - i've hit one of those periods of "there's nothing interesting to write about". i don't want my blog to turn into a pregnancy blog by everyday writing about the weirdness of pregnancy but i also don't want it to be a teacher blog by everyday writing about school. but here's a little of both plus some other stuff.

weird stuff about pregnancy BESIDES getting a huge belly:
> random nosebleeds are not uncommon
> your hair stops falling out so when i blow dry my hair that has not been cut since september, there's no hair on the floor. which...if you blow dry a thick head of hair - you know this is shocking and amazing.
> your body makes something that helps your pelvic bones start loosening and expanding in preparation for giving birth but it unfournately affects all your joints. this can be hazardous. in the last two weeks, my fitness level has gone waaaay down. i was still doing a step class once a week and jog/walking around at recess here and there and all of a sudden these things give me great leg and hip pain. now i walk slowly on the treadmill if i get to the gym at all...and that STILL hurts.

this week, we've gone on TWO fieldtrips. both to vancouver which means...BUS. sigh. at least a bus with 60 3rd graders is a little better than 60 kids K - 7 like it used to be at ACS. but a bus nonetheless. we went to the symphony which was a good time. my students were fantastic - so much so that i closed my eyes for a bit of the concert since there were no kids to watch closely. :) science world was the other one which always makes for a good time.

have i already posted about how much i like Dog the Bounty Hunter?

at this moment, i'm lying on my couch hoping for a snow day tomorrow. what's with 15 - 20 cm at the end of february in BC? oh man.


theRachel said...

So, I would love more blog, regardless of what it is about. Symphony & SW - two classic field trips...glad to hear they went well for you.

I think there needs to be a post on Dog the Bounty Hunter - I was not aware you had such affection for him.

The snow...all those VANOC people are probably hoping for a repeat next year at this time/a bit earlier, non?

Margaret said...

The downside of the hair thing is that after you give birth all those hairs are going to start falling out. :P